Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Award winners

Click on the underlined links to see the player profiles and hear Coach Mohr talk about the winners.

The Most Exciting Player went to #4 Sam Plaquin (94) a great all around player who always made things happen. The straw that stirred the drink.

Top D man was # 28 Evan Reid, he can skate like the wind.

Most Insperational went to Team Captain Dylan Robertson Played his first game in 2009-10 and was an assistant C last year and always played for keeps.

Top Scorer was Doan Smith and Joel Burgess Smith only played part of the season here in Fernie but sure had the scoring touch. Burgess played his first season in 2010-11 and was a warrior with talent.

The Rookie of the Year was Cavin Tilsley This 16 year old forward really matured here in Fernie and became a better player each game.

The Most Improved was Kyle Haugo, our other 16 year old who made huge strides as the season wore on plus played either Defense or Forward.

The MVP was Jeff Orser  Jeff always gave the Ghostriders a chance to win in net and was also named as the Eddie Mountain Top Goalie as well.

The Playoff MVP was Cole Keebler  Cole missed several games because of injuriesother wise he may have taken a few more team and league awards.

Five of our players have finished their junior careers they are 

#3 Dylan Robertson "C" 183 games over 6 years
# 7 Joel Burgess "A" 153 Games over 5 years.
# 4 Sam Plaquin 48 Games 1 Yr.
# 22 Aaron Neufeld "A" 150 Games over 3 years.
# 10 Derek Georgopoulos 169 KIJHL Games 3 yrs with Fernie 1 with Castlegar 2 with Kimberley

Below is the speech Team President Barb Anderson made at the banquet.
Well another year of Ghostrider hockey has come to an end and what a year!
Always a tough time when something you enjoy doing comes to an end.
We had such a great season both on and off the ice.
Myself, the board and the coaching staff are very proud of the team. Not only did all of you play hard and provide everyone with great entertainment, you also represented our team in the community very well.
As I reflected back on this season, I feel very fortunate to be the President of such a great organization. An organization with rich history and strong roots! To fly the colors of the Fernie Ghostriders is very apparent with our extended family of board members, coaching staff, billet parents, parents, volunteers etc., each and every person involved beams with pride when they talk about the Fernie Ghostriders.
We have so many wonderful people who make this team run with ease, we may be small in number, but mighty in dedication!
Being an organization which is primarily volunteer, so many people involved are the true definition of volunteer which is:
a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service”
Giving of ones time to the better good, simply put,  is good for the soul!
I would like to take this opportunity in thanking everyone who volunteers for the Fernie Ghostriders in any capacity, without the time and effort put forth, we would not be the success that we are.
Along with the many volunteers is the overall community support. The community of Fernie and the Elk Valley has embraced the team for many years, continuing to do so without hesitation. Without the continued support, it would be a lot harder for us to operate such a successful franchise.
The coaching staff of the Fernie Ghostriders is second to none in any league and/or division of sport. The commitment would rival the big franchises of all paid personnel. The countless hours spent to guide and develop our boys is very much appreciated! Heading the group is Craig! We are happy to have you back with the Fernie Ghostriders, you have captained the ship to a successful year both on and off the ice. Thank you to each and every one who is part of our coaching staff.
The players our team attracts are those who believe in our program. We are very proud of our program. We watch our players come to us as boys, and leave our program as men, ready to embrace what life might throw them.

The team this season has brought our organization great joy and we enjoyed the journey of our season. The season may have been cut short from what we wanted, but remember all of the great things you did both on and off the ice. We are extremely proud of each one of you.
It is always tough to see our 20 year olds graduate from our program, but it is also a sense of accomplishment to have watched each of you throughout your time with Fernie and have watched you grow as people.
Good luck to each of you and I know you will be successful with anything you choose to do in your lives.
Lastly, to the board members! Without you continued commitment, the team would not be here. Countless of hours spent to ensure the organization runs smoothly. Thank you so much!
Thank you once again and have a great evening!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Weekly Roundup It's over, Round the League Sad endin lucky no G 7's

The Ghostriders lost the last two games against the Kimberley Dynamiters, 2-1 at home and 5-2 with (2 empty net goals) on the road in Kimberley. In the last two games the Riders turned it on and were easily as good as the Nitro's, and at times better, but had trouble solving Tyson Brouwer. The two games they won were when Brouwer was hurt and Brody Nelson was in net. Brouwer let in one bad goal in game 5 on a shot from the blueline... but turned out... it was an off side goal... it may have changed the series... The Riders didn't really show up for game 4 but still only lost 2-1. Jeff Orser kept them in that game and was as good enough in net to win the series.

Tyson Brouwer (KD)981.02.961
Bailey De Palma (KS)431.10.957
Brock Lefebvre (CVT)311.30.952
Carson Schamerhorn (BVN)761.81.935
Jacob Mullen (KS)951.84.934
Lawrence Langan (OC)552.00.925
Mitchell Martell (CVT)202.05.923
Kristian Stead (100M)1152.20.943
Brett Soles (OC)632.35.923
Jeff Orser (FG)1162.74.904
Drake Poirier (BVN)322.96.903

Coach Craig Mohr recruited a pretty good group of players in his first year back with the Ghostriders and he was also named as the Eddie Mt. Coach of the Year. Mohr's coaching style makes for a fun game for the fans to watch and the players he brought in, plus what was left over from last year, put on a pretty good show finishing second overall in the KIJHL  while playing an entertaining style of game.

Jeff Orser won the Eddie Mountain Top Goalie Award this year and was great in net, he will be 20 this year so is a possibility for next year unless he choses to go to school.

Cole Keebler led the Riders in playoff scoring but was hampered by injuries all season... he may have contended for the KIJHL top scorer had he been healthy, and may have had an even better playoff as well.

Spencer Bender only played the last game vs Kimberley... he had assists on both goals, he would have made a difference had he been healthy. Bender had 5 G 2 A in the five P/O games he played...

When you come back from injuries it takes a while to get in sync...  Doan Smith  95 was skating on one good leg after missing weeks with a knee injury only had 1 A after a 35 G 62 pt regular season.

Sam Plaquin, Joel Burgess, Aaron Neufeld, Derek Georgopoulos and Captain Dylan Robertson, the twenty year olds were leaders off the ice and were in the top seven of Rider PO scorers... the Captain delivered several big hits on anything and everything and anyone including goalies. I know the fans and Coaches were liking it...the league, with help from Hockey Canada, seems to have gotten away from the physical game. Burgess and Robertson would have thrived a few years ago in the war zones. I would bet any of them would have a shot at playing in the BCIHL if that's what they wanted to do... more on the team and the 94's after the Banquet 

Justin Peers with the big shot (could be the new McCulloch next yr) was just over a point a game in the PO and has developed nicely over the winter... and what D man want's to keep up to Jason Yan's foot speed.

Tayler Sincennes scored a few goals and had a few fights as well and David Kelly is a better player than he was in September and that's not bad after missing most of last year with a broken leg.

Travis Thomsen was the leader on the blue-line with a good mix of toughness and points and Evan Reid can definitely skate at the next level and had the most points of the D. Dustin Watt turned into a pretty good pickup from Golden early in the year and Matt Pronchuk is developing into a good all around D man but missed the last few games with an injury. Zak Kuchler and Will Lightfoot were the steady stay home D men the coaches wanted and Jaffray's  Dan Burgess who didn't play for a couple of years fit right in after a few weeks. Would sure like to see him play out the rest of his eligibility here in Fernie. Brandon Butler was a great backup finishing with a great  13-5 record.

And Finally... the sixteen year olds Cavin Tilsley and Kyle Haugo... Both these players made real big leaps in their development as the season wore on.  Tilsley is looking at the WHL next year so I hear... and Haugo earned a spot on D and at times up front. Tilsley has the speed to move up and Haugo has the size to get a look at the next level if that's what he want's to do.

Besides the two 98's that were just mentioned we sometimes forget that Peers, Reid, Yan, Kuchler, Sincennes, Pronchuk, Butler,D Burgess and Kelly were rookies, if they return next year Coach Mohr will have the so called good nucleus to start from...

Round the League
  • The Kimberley Dynamiters led by Jason Richter will now play the Beaver Valley Nighthawks who's 98 Ross Armour leads the team in scoring. BV got off to a terrible start after losing several of their KIJHL, Cyclone Taylor and Keystone Cup winning players from last season. But a month or two in the big physical Hawks were back winning again and finished just behind the Riders in the overall standings and have home ice in the 3rd round. Kimberley can score or play D and could surprise plus have goaltending that will get tested by the Hawks who like to score... 40 G's so far.

  • The first place overall Osoyoos Coyotes will play Kamloops who's GM Barry Dewar always recruits a very good team. Osoyoos won their clinching game 3-2 against Summerland by scoring 3 PP goals, I think their players get so much offence going the other teams have to take penalties on them. Acc to the KIJHL Special Teams chart they had 12 PPg's on 70 chances. Yeah I don't know if it's accurate either but here is the chart if you want to look at it  Kamloops had 7 PP G's on 35 PPO.... Osoyoos scored 47 G's as well, they will be a handful.

  • He was clearly the most fun player to watch  last year with Beaver Valley leading all scorers at the Cyclone and Keystone Cups.. Dallas Calvin has signed with Selkirk next year you can read the full story  Here

  • Well the worst kept secret in the league is out there now as Sicamouse has announced that former Golden Head Coach and GM Ty Davidson will coach the Eagles next season. Full story here  Davidson takes over from Blair Robinson who coached there for 18 years and always made the playoffs and won everything in 2001-02 as well, a sad ending getting axed in the playoffs for a longtime good coach. Another story on that is here

  • A full 16 teams have been eliminated from the playoffs and the players have gone home and the KIJHL still hasn't posted the League Awards yet...great marketing guys, cause you don't want to sell the league to the next group of players or anything.

  • The series with Fernie and Kimberley was very close but not hotly contested...if anyone thinks the series with Kimberley was a rough tough series you are new to hockey and were not around a few years ago.

  • If there were more game 7's some teams like Kimberley would have had to start the 3rd round immediately and play 4 games in a row.... now don't go blaming the league President, it was the Team's  Governors who voted to have a 52 game schedule and all series' be a best of 7 ...fully knowing that this could happen because of the Cyclone Taylor start time... I wonder what parents think of that, or Hockey Canada...

Kimberley Dynamiters'
Coy Prevost

Coy scored once and added
two assists as the Dynamiters
 beat Fernie 5-2 and advance
to the Conference Final against
the Nitehawks
Osoyoos Coyotes'
Colten Braid

Colten scored two goals,
helping the Coyotes to a
5-3 win on Mar. 8 giving
 them a 3-2 series lead
Kamloops Storm's
Mark O'shaughnessy

Mark scored the series clinching
goal and set up one more as the
Storm eliminate the Wranglers
with a 2-1 win on Mar. 7

Kimberley Dynamiters'
Braden Saretsky

Braden scored the GWG
in overtime on Mar. 6 as
the Dynamiters evened
their series with Fernie
at 2 games apiece with
a 2-1 win
Summerland Steam's
Cole Woodliffe

Cole scored another overtime
GWG, as the Steam won 3-2
and now trail Osoyoos 2-1 in
the Okanagan Division Final
with game four to be played
March 7 in Summerland
Fernie Ghostriders'
Dylan Robertson

Dylan scored 3 times and
added an assist as the Ghostriders
took a 2-1 series lead over
Kimberley with a 7-4 win
on Mar. 4

Kamloops Storm's
Bailey De Palma

Bailey stopped 26 shots, earning
a shutout and helping the Storm
take a 2-0 series lead over
100 Mile House

Fernie Ghostriders'
Aaron Neufeld

Aaron scored twice and
set up the GWG as the
Ghostriders evened their
series with Kimberley with
a 5-2 win on Mar. 2

A longtime Elk Valley Blazer
and Fernie Ghostrider supporter and
former co-worker of mine, Bill Penman,
retired a few years ago and now lives in
Summerland where he volunteers some time
helping out the Steam. Bill tells me
Jack Mills got a puck in the face
in game 3 of the Kelowna series and
missed 3 games but wanted back
in for game 7.....

Summerland Steam's
Jack Mills

Jack scored both goals, giving the
Steam a 2-1 win in game 7 eliminating
the Kelowna Chiefs from the playoffs.

Kimberley Dynamiters'
Eric Buckley

Eric scored the GWG and set up one
more as the Dynamiters take a 1-0
Eddie Mountain Division Final series
lead with a 5-2 win in Fernie on

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Game 5 Riders down 3-2 in the series Game 6 Mon in Kimberley

The Ghostriders put out a pretty good effort Saturday and were good enough they could have won but didn't. Lot's of hits and some shot blocks by both teams. Fast game that was over in  just over two hours and it was a sellout.

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team logoteam logo
Kimberley Dynamiters@Fernie Ghostriders
Kimberley Dynamiters1102
Fernie Ghostriders0011
Kimberley Dynamiters713626
Fernie Ghostriders9101332
Kimberley Dynamiters0 for 2 (00.0%)
Fernie Ghostriders1 for 3 (33.3%)
GAME DATEMar. 7, 2015
LOCATIONFernie Memorial Arena 
REFEREE 1Graham Waugh
LINESMAN 1Dave Rutledge
LINESMAN 2Dean McCready
SCOREKEEPERMurray Brockmeyer
Fernie Ghostriders
Cole Keebler
Kimberley Dynamiters
Coy Prevost
1-0 Kimberley Dynamiters at 13:30 Jason Richter (unassisted)
2-0 Kimberley Dynamiters at 11:39 Coy Prevost from  Justin Meier 
2-1 Fernie Ghostriders at 17:56 (PP) Aaron Neufeld from  Sam Plaquin and Cole Keebler 
Kimberley Dynamiters at 7:10 - Jordan Busch for Tripping (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 2:34 - Joel Burgess for Interference (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 12:36 - Travis Thomsen for Roughing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 12:36 - Tyler Kinnon for Roughing (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:33 - Will Lightfoot for High-sticking (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 18:02 - Lincoln Lane for Roughing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 8:33 - Sawyer Hunt for Holding (2 Min.)
3Charles Dagostin 000E00
4Tyler Kinnon 000E02
7Coy Prevost 101E00
8James Jowsey 000E00
9Jesse Wallace 000E00
10Jordan Busch 000E02
11Justin Meier 011E00
12Eric Buckley 000E00
15Jared Marchi 000E00
17Braden Saretsky 000E00
19Brady Revie 000E00
20Jonas Gordon 000E00
21Trevor Van Steinburg 000E00
22Lincoln Lane 000E02
24Sawyer Hunt 000E02
26Alex Rosolowsky 000E00
27Keenan Haase 000E00
40Jason Richter 101E00
1Tyson Brouwer (W)60:003231
33Brody Nelson (Backup)0:0000
2Will Lightfoot 000E02
3Dylan Robertson 000E00
4Sam Plaquin 011E00
5Travis Thomsen 000E02
6Kyle Haugo 000E00
7Joel Burgess 000E02
8Dan Burgess 000E00
10Derek Georgopoulos 000E00
12Doan Smith 000E00
15Jason Yan 000E00
20Zak Kuchler 000E00
21Justin Peers 000E00
22Aaron Neufeld 101E00
24Dustin Watt 000E00
25Cole Keebler 011E00
26Tayler Sincennes 000E00
27Cavin Tilsley 000E00
28Evan Reid 000E00
1Jeff Orser (L)58:402624
30Brandon Butler (Backup) 0:0000