Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Riders Split with Kimbo...

The Ghostriders split a home and home with the Kimberley Dynamiters losing 3-2 in Kimberley then winning 3-2 in overtime here in Fernie last night (Tuesday) in front of 1140 mostly joyous ( there were several Kimbo fans who weren't exactly joyous)  fans.

Last Monday in Kimberley over 1000 watched the Riders get out to a 2-1 lead in the first period but they couldn’t hold on and the Dynamiters scored two goals in the third for the win. Aidan Wilson from Zach Befus and Coleton Dawson scored the first goal then Ryan Kennedy from Dawson and Alex Cheveldave scored the second and the first ended up with the Riders leading 2-1. In the third the Nitro's scored two for the win.

The Riders lost Alex Cheveldave and Zach Befus in that game to slashes to the hands and Aidan Wilson had some teeth knocked out with another uncalled high stick.

The next night here in Fernie the Riders were without the aforementioned regular’s Befus and Cheveldave along with Cole Keebler, Trevor Broad and Mack Differenz. Wilson played with a cage.  Kimberley was missing last season's Top Scorer Jason Richter who they say is down for the rest of the regular season but will be back for the P/O's. They don't say why or what his injury is and don't even list anything on the KI website. The Riders have the little crosses you can click on and not really tell what the injury is but at least you know who is out. 

Kimberley scored the first goal on the power play in the first period then the Riders tied it up at 1 when Dan Burgess scored his first of the year from Aidan Wilson and Kevin Pierce early in the third. Justin Peers' bullet shot was the go ahead goal 11 minutes in from Dustin Watt and Tayler Sincennes . The Dynamiters tied it up on the power play with just :03 seconds left in the game. 

In the OT Nolan Lagace scored the game winner from Mitch Titus at 4:04 of the OT. 

HC Craig Mohr "It was a character win... you know what I'm proud of all our guys". I think the turning point was when we killed off the 7 minute power play in the second". 

Assistant Coach Pascal Morency "The boys paid the price to sacrifice themselves for the team. They took responsibilities to each contribute. We won the game through little details that created the difference at the end."

You know what...I think Nitro coach Jerry Bancks was saying something like that when he jumped on the ice in the second period (without getting kicked out ?) to rationally talk to the referee. 

Pretty good effort from Aidan Wilson who is finally back in the lineup after a longterm injury, picked up an assist on the tying goal and can now do a nice Bobby Clark imitation... all the kids are saying Bobby who... Team Canada 72 

Great to see F/D  Dan Burgess get the tying goal, a perfect time to get his first of the season.

We keep spelling his name wrong but Nolan Lagace who was an inch away from scoring the insurance goal late in the third was rewarded with the Game Winner in Overtime. 

Jeff Orser got the starts in Kimberley and at home, he was stung for one bad fluke goal but as Coach Mohr says he is back to playing Orsereskly... well he said something like that anyway. Mitch Traichevich was in net for the Nitros Tuesday and Tyson Brouwer was in net Monday.

Coleton Dawson has made a huge impact on the Ghostriders with his size and willingness to use it... along with 3 goals and 5 assists in 8 games, he was right in the middle of all the fun in the second and he got his stick in the lanes a couple of times in the neutral zone, it's easy to do but not all players figure that out. Dawson is also the only Rider with the big hair now that Evan Reid has chopped his off... will he beat him up for that indiscretion 

The Riders were arguably the better team in the third... what does that mean  for the Dynamite... when they lost a game or two earlier in the season Bancks was quoted as saying  "were going to work really hard on our fitness"... which for the uninitiated means I'm f**n pissed off so we'll be bag skatin. The Riders lost Ryan Teslak in the second for a fight and Keagan Kingwell missed most of the game with the flu. A couple of important D out that left a big hole but the Riders still outscored Kimbo 3-1 in the 3rd and the OT plus the only goals they scored were PP G's... sharpin up them skates boys.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Riders play Kimberley Tuesday here in Fernie, hair raising fun and a card shark

Tuesday's Game
The Ghostriders play the Kimberley Dynamiters on Tuesday, they are in Kimberley Monday so this will be the fourth time these two teams have played this season. Kimberley won the first game 4-3 and Fernie won the second game 3-2 in OT, both teams won on the road. They will play each other four more times in February.

The Dynamiters entered the Christmas break in first place in our division and were first overall in the KIJHL with 55 points. Because Golden has only won four games the Dynamiters have already clinched a playoff spot.

Before the break Kimberley played two games, they lost 5-2 in Creston and won 8-0 against Golden. Their top scorers are Jason Richter, Jared Marchi, Eric Buckley and D-man Jordan Busch. Tyson Brouwer is their #1 goalie with a 20-4-0-1 record. Jerry Bancks is the Head Coach and Mike Reid is their GM.

The Ghostriders played two games just before the Christmas break, they won 7-4 when Creston was here but lost 6-2 when Beaver Valley (who are a first place team and look like it) visited us on December 19th.

More before the Christmas Break
Despite missing several games with an injury Cole Keebler was still in third place in KIJHL scoring with 48 points and was in second place in goal scoring with 24. Kimberley’s Jason Richter has scored one more goal and leads the KIJHL with 25. Keebler was leading the KI with 4 shorthanded goals.

The Ghostriders with an 8-1-0-1 record in their last 10 games are tied with Creston at 41 points.

AP Dalton Bouvier scored his first of the year in the Creston game.

Justin Peers had 2 goals and an assist in the BV and Creston games. Tells me something when a player scores against the better teams.

As we said in an earlier post, Nolan Lagace was too good not to be scoring... he has had 5 points in his last 3 games

Mitch Titus (97) had at least a point in his last 6 games.

Colton Dawson had 8 points in 21 games with Beaver Valley... in 4 games with the Riders Dawson has 6 points, think he was surprised...
How quick was Sara Mouton's trigger finger catching 18 flicking his head back

Zach Befus scored 10 power play goals and was in second place in power play goals scored. Kimberley’s Richter also has 10 and Creston’s Carson Cartwright, who will be here in Fernie January 2nd, has 11.

Injuries like fleas on a rat still plague the Riders, Cole Keebler, Ryan Teslak, Mack Differenz, and Dan Burgess are all listed as day to day with injuries. Differenz is unlikely, the others are possible.

Round the League

The Ghostriders play in Creston for the Cat's annual New Year's Eve Game then return to Fernie for the rematch January 2nd. This game is not a Drive 99.1 Radio Broadcast Game... What... Howie don't want to spend New Year's Eve on the bus.. Monday's game in Kimberley is a broadcast game and Howie will be doing the play by play with the one and only Gerry Pang on hand as the colour commentator.

As mentioned earlier, Kimberley has clinched because of Golden's record and now Beaver Valley has the "C" word in front of their name as well because of Spokane's record. Osoyoos via Princeton  should be next, but Summerland may have something to say about that when they play a home and home with the Coyotes.  Kamloops via Sicamous' record are next in line but they have to wait as they are off till Jan 8th.

Card Shark
The Nelson Leafs executive  who were voted (by me) as the most lenient of all KIJHL bosses last season released HC & GM  David McLellan just before the break... or so they say... McLellan, (you can read it here), says he quit... but not before he spent a pile of cash then got the Leafs a $5000 fine for tampering . (For the uninitiated, that means he was trying to steal carded players from another team), you can't even phone them or contact them at all.

 Anyway... Carded was a concept never really embraced  by the GM, last season the Leafs  lost  points in the standings two different times for using un-carded players and McLellan was suspended for several games as well. 

On top of not learning after the first infraction, with all the lost points, the Leafs, who were in contention for second place and a home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs, finished in fourth and lost to Beaver Valley in five. A second place finish would have given them home ice advantage and a date with the possibly more favourable Rebels along with 1 more gate worth a few more thousand... and still the Leafs stuck with him again this year.  Here is Nelson Leaf President  John Dooley talking about tampering, money and McLellan

The Leafs new Head Coach and General Manager is a local,  Mario DiBella, you can read that press release here

Monday, 14 December 2015

Riders Have Two Home Games Thursday and Saturday

Last Saturday night the Riders piled on the Golden Rockets for eight goals in an 8-2 romp over the visiting Rockets. Tayler Sincennes scored 2 goals and had an assist, Coleton Dawson had 2 goals and Travis Thomsen, Ty Carron and Alex Chevledave each had singles. Jeff Orser was in net for the win. The shots in that game were 68-20 for the Riders and Golden will not make the playoffs, actually with 11 points and 20 games left they can't catch Kimberley with 53 meaning the Dynamiters have clinched a playoff spot.

So here's the deal, the Riders also won Friday night as seen in the post above and have a 7-2-0-1-0 record in their last 10 games... but still find themselves in 3rd place... Why, cause Creston went 6-2-0-2-0 in their last 10 and Kimberley is 8-1-0-1-0 in their last 10 and on a 7 game win streak. No one is catching them with 53 points. But Creston and Fernie are tied with 39 points however Creston has played 1 less game so are in second. Thursday's game will determine second place... for a few days anyway.

The Rockies with 34 points and a 5-5 record in their last 10 are 5 points behind the Riders but a mile ahead of Golden with 11. The Rockies will be wanting to get out of 4th so they don't face Kimberley in the first round. They are still a threat to catch the Ghost with another 19 games to go, but they've played 3 more games than the Riders and still have 3 more games here in Fernie.

Players of the Game
Nice to see Tayler Sincennes get the Player of the Game Saturday, he had a pair of goals,  his second one was  shorthanded . He does lots of the little things that make a team win. 

On Friday Coleton Dawson was the POG, it was his first game as a Rider, honourable mention to Mack Differenz who scored two goals, then got in a fight in the Golden game.

 GM Craig Mohr used one of his remaining three cards to bring in the 6”2” 200 pound Dawson who was in Beaver Valley before the deadline but was released.  That means the Riders are at 23 players and two cards so can still bring in two more guys, but, on January 10th, they will have to finalize their roster at 23 players.  

So far Dawson hasn't disappointed, he scored 2 goals and also had 2 assists against Spokane and Golden, those were a big couple of games for the 6' 2" 200 pound forward, but the competition will get a lot more talented than Spokane and Golden in the next couple of months.

Tough Games Ahead
Ty Carron scored against Spokane and had a shorthanded goal against Golden, that was after going over a month without a point, the Riders will need guys like Ty to help out on the offence as they move down the final stretch of the schedule that features several always hard to win divisional games. Their next 6 games are against Creston, Kimberley and one first place Beaver Valley team thrown in for the amusement of the hockey gods. 

Zach Befus had 2 goals last week, his 18th and 19th goal and 39th point so far and Alex Cheveldave who is now a defensemen, is no slouch either, both 19 year olds have made a big difference this season on a team with several 17 and 18 year olds in their first years of junior.

17 Year old D Kevin Pierce had 2 assists last week and  has had a point in 5 of his last 7 games finding himself  just 1 point behind fleet footed Keagan Kingwell who had 3 assists last weekend.

Creston is here on Thursday
The Riders play Creston Thursday night, this is the fourth time these two teams have played. So far each team has won one game each in regulation and Creston also won one game in overtime.

Creston played two games last week against Kimberley, they lost 5-4 at home then lost 2-1 in overtime in Kimberley. Alec Wilkinson is their top scorer with 44 points andBrock Lefebvre is their #1 goalie with a 15- 8-1 record . Their Head Coach and General Manager is Jeff Dubois who is now in his second season with the Cats.

Saturday Night's Game
The Ghostriders play the Beaver Valley Nitehawks Saturday for the first time this season. The Ghostriders will play in Beaver Valley on February 19th.
The Nitehawks played two games last weekend winning 7-2 in Castlegar and winning 6-2 against Spokane at home. After last weekend the Hawks had scored the most goals in the league at 134 and at +52 they have to be a fun team to watch. BV jumped ahead of Castlegar and are now in first place with a 5 game win streak going. 
BV's top scorer is Jace Weegar with 37 points and their Head Coach and GM is Terry Jones.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Riders win 5-2 and a few games of interest

The Ghostriders got a 5-2 win against Spokane last night in a game that saw the debut of Coleton Dawson who chipped in with 2 assists on Mack Differenz and Ty Carrons' goals.

Pretty quick sharp pass by Dawson to Carron from behind net on the first goal that was the "Bear Goal" 

Dawson (95) was in Beaver Valley until Dec 1st and has had stints in Grand Forks, Revelstoke and even in his hometown Nelson . He brings some very much needed size to the Rider lineup and he also made a couple of good quick thinking passes as well.

Zach Befus (18 G ) scored what would turn out to be the game winner, fittingly, for him, on the  on the PP his 10 PP G and Fernie's 33rd PPG.

The tireless Ryan Kennedy rounded out the scoring in the third, Keagan Kingwell got his 2nd assist on that goal, another tireless skater.

Brandon Butler had the win in net, he let in two goals, on on a Lance Noonan penalty shot and another that appeared to go off of a skate at the side of the net, but my eyes are old.

The shots were 47-15 and Spokane is almost guaranteed not to make the playoffs, the Riders are in Spokane January 22nd.

A few games of interest Round' the league...

Kimberley defeats Invermere 5-1 at home last night, that along with a Rider win gives Fernie a 5 point lead on the Rockies for 3rd place, plus the Riders have 3 games in hand.

Nice to see the two teams go at it with a couple of majors for head contact and checkin from behind. You can see the carnage in the 2nd click here

The Golden Rockets got their 4th win last night with a 1-0 win over Grand Forks who were not impressed... a few charges spears misconducts etc that you can see right here The Forks needed those points, they are in a battle with Nelson (who have lost 6 in a row)  for  third place and currently have 3 points on them Leafs. It's been a while since GF finished somewhere other than 4th or 5th.

The Osoyoos Coyotes had their 7 game win streak snapped with a 4-3 loss in  Castlegar Friday. The Rebels went 3-4 on the PP and also had the GW on the PP, Bet the Lawyer was pleased... D-man Headrick had 2 G 1 A Mcleod stops 40 of 43 shots. Few PIM but big W for the Rebels as BV also won against Nelson 4-2.

BV and Castlegar are tied for first with points and  almost for sure will finish 1 and 2 in their div.

Kamloops won in OT in Summerland (who are no slouches) when Wilson Northey scored his 2nd goal in OT with just :02 left in the 2nd OT ...The big deal here is the Storm who had a couple of players move up the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL last week won the game with 13 skaters. Game sheet here

Despite getting outshot 43-26 by Chase Duner and his 100 Mile House Wranglers got 3-2 win at home their 4th in a row and they are now just 1 point behind Kamloops for 1st.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Riders Play Spokane and Golden this weekend

The Ghostriders play two home games this weekend, Spokane is here on Friday and Golden is here on Saturday.

 Friday night is Teddy Bear Toss Night, when the Ghostriders score their first goal the fans can toss their Bears Touques and Mitts on the ice.

On Saturday it will be Bring a Non-Perishable Food Item to the game night, for the Salvation Army

Expecting to see this guy tonight in a Rider uniform 

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Roundup, weekend, dec 1st, the KI schedule and more NCAA fun

Last Weekend
The Ghostriders played two games last week, they had a 1-0 shutout in Invermere last Friday then at home they had their 5 game win streak snapped when they lost 4-3 in OT to the visiting Castlegar Rebels. So the Riders went 6-3-0-1 in their last ten games and are still in third. The Eddie Mountain has gotten a lot better in the last couple of years .

Sick Bay
Injuries continue to plague the Ghost, they just got D men Keagan Kingwell, Travis Thomsen and forwards Mack Differenz and Aidan Wilson back in the lineup only to lose Wilson again along with top scorer Cole Keebler and D/F Alex Cheveldave. D-man Ryan Teslak remains out with an uncertain return date as well. Keebler and Cheveldave say they will be ready for the two games here in Fernie this weekend.

So despite some scoring out of the lineup the coaches and players earned 3 of a possible 4 points last weekend and they now have at least a point in their last 6 games.
Or you could just say ...

Once again, the more we apply character... the more we know it is part of what we are about and gain the confidence.
Pretty good game for the 422 fans Saturday against Castlegar, the Rebels had a 3-1 lead in the third but the Riders never quit and tied it up with two third period goals insuring the fans got some big time excitement and the Riders got at least a point. Justin Peers scored the first and third goals on the power play and Evan Reid had the second goal. Brandon Butler was in net . For the record, it looked like the Riders had enough chances to win the Castlegar game and they matched up fairly well against the Rebels who have 41 points and are currently in first place in their division.
The 1-0 win in Invermere was the Riders first win against the Rockies this year. They are 1-4 now with 3 games left in the regular season eight game series, and all the games are here in Fernie. The Riders get their chance to tie the series starting January 8th .
It's sure good to see Keagan Kingwell back on the line again. He is IMO the best all around defensemen the Riders have and he hits deceptively hard. Kingwell has been out for almost a month.
The Rider power play had been silent lately but scored a pair of goals Saturday, Justin Peers scored his third and fourth PP goals of the season, both were game tying goals. Peers had 18 goals and 22 assists in 44 games last year, so far in 21 games this year he has 11 goals and and 23 assists in 21 games. 1.6 PPG so far vs .9 last year.
The Riders with 31 PPG were tied with Beaver Valley for the most PP goals after Saturday's games. Rider fans get their one and only regular season look at the Nite Hawks on Saturday December 19th, the last home game before the much needed Christmas break.
December 1st
All teams had to get down to a total of 25 players and cards on Dec 1st. GM Craig Mohr went down to 22 players and has 3 cards left. Meaning he can sign 3 players... but if he does, and I'm sure he will, on January 10th he will have to cut down to 23 for his final roster.
The Releases
GM Mohr released three players, Lane Sim, Brandon Breithaupt, and Spencer Bender . All players are free to sign with another team or another league.
Bender was a particularly hard release for the GM, he has junior A skills but had injury problems. So with all the other injuries Mohr needed to bring in a healthy player and had to release Bender who was in his third and final season with the Riders. Bender has since signed with the Jr B Okotoks Bisons where he has played 2 games but has no points. Other Bisons you may recognize are Aiden Geiger, and Matt Pronchuk both played here last season, Geiger was traded and Pronchuk decided to play closer to home.
I checked the KIJHL schedule for November and there were no forfeits and no teams lost any points for using ineligible players. If you listen real carefully you can almost hear the KI Governors cringe when I write that... kinda like when you put a sea shell to your ear and can hear the ocean. Or...
I can hear the brewery
The KIJHL started up their Player of the Month again last week and Ghostrider forward Zach Befus was named as the Kootenay Conference's Player of the Month. Below is the Press Release. They made it sound like the winners were based on just points scored, but they weren't and below the announcement you can see the formula Kimberley Stats Guy Josh Lockhart used. Glad it wasn't me who had to go through all the game sheets etc to figure it out.

The KIJHL is pleased to announce the November Players of the Month:

Kootenay Conference POM: Zach Befus (Fernie Ghostriders)
  Zach tallied 19 points in 10 games (8G, 11A)
 Honorable Mentions: James Severs (Creston Valley Thunder Cats); Jared Marchi (Kimberley Dynamiters); Jace Weegar (Beaver Valley Nitehawks)
Okanagan Conference POM: Jack Mills (Summerland Steam)
         Jack tallied 14 points in 9 games (10G, 4A)
Honorable Mentions: Josh Baird (Kelowna Chiefs); Kolten Moore (Chase Heat); Jacob Mullen (Summerland Steam)
How does this work?
It is a formula looking at goals scored, and assisted on at key times. Please note that this stats analysis is only as good as the original stats are. So if PP, SH and GW goals are not being tracked accordingly....

  • PPG - 2 points for every one goal scored
  • PPA - 1 pt for every one assist
  • SHG - 2 pts for every one goal
  • SHA - 1 pt for every one assist
  • GWG - 2 pts for every one goal
The NCAA now has a "Class Action Lawsuit" on their hands,  accusing them of limiting the scholarship money they dole out. Looks like they will end up paying players... just like the WHL ? 

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Roundup, wins, POM's text's, late at nite,blue gloved, trades and no controversy (unfortunately)

The Ghostriders went out on the road last week and won 3-0 in Sicamous and 5-3 in Revelstoke.  They are now on a four game win streak and three of the wins have been away from home  bringing their road record up to a nice 9-6 .

Friday in Sicamous Brandon Butler was in net for the 3-0 shutout and Evan Reid with the first goal got the game winner. Tayler Sincennes and Zach Befus scored the other goals.The Eagles don't have a very good record but anytime you can shutout a team on the road it's a good time. That was Brandon's first KIJHL shutout... nice job Brandon. Coach Mohr says "both goalies are on top of their games right now".

On Saturday in Revelstoke the Riders had the lead twice but both times the Grizz managed to tie the game until late in the third when Ryan Kennedy scored the game winner with just :52 seconds left then Zach Befus put the insurance goal into the empty net right after that.  Cole Keebler had the hat-trick, he  scored one in the first and two in the second.  Jeff Orser had the win in net stopping 37 for  his eighth win so far this season.

Rider Roundup

The Fernie Ghostriders and Boston Pizza Player of the Month is Rider "C" Cole Keebler.
Coach Craig Mohr " Cole could be the most dynamic player in the KIJHL, along with his speed and skill his work ethic is off the charts".
For the record Keebler had 7 goals and 8 assists in 8 games in the month of November... and his play is eye candy for the Rider fans.

The Tim Horton's Player of the Week was defensemen  Kyle Haugo.
Craig Mohr " Kyle had one of those weekends where you may not see him on the score sheet, but his play behind his own blue line was outstanding".

The McDonald's Practice Player of the Week was forward  Nolan Lagacy 
Coach Mohr "Nolan has a lot of new systems to learn when you arrive on a new team, but his attention to details on and off the ice are exceptional".

After the Revelstoke game I saw this on my text messages. 

Got the beer !!! ...
And I also had this, but it was from Coach Mohr "A character win tonight, the lads played their buts off ! "

The Grizz are a 500 team and at the time had a 5-2 home record, so the win in Revy was big for the Ghost. And scary for a Grizz coach who in a fit of anger knocked a water bottle off their bench soaking the Rider trainer Heather Lewis, but lucky...he was just out of reach of her threatening blue gloves...
2 big wins on the road and beware of the Blue Fist Lewis!!

Sometimes, late at night, I completely understand Pascal... then I wake up.

It was an amazing week end. Boys plays with great awareness of details. A great wisdom of life. Presence/ Now/ awareness

The Ghostriders, who had scored 29 power play goals and were one of the top teams at doing that, never got even one PPG last weekend... but had eight even strength goals... and still won. 

Justin Peers had 3 assists in Revelstoke for a total of 23 and has had 9 points in his last 4 games.

Aidan Wilson who hadn't played since September 26 got back in the lineup last weekend. The league got a little tougher since then, but he has the speed and skill set on his side.

Injured D Keagan Kingwell is still leading the defence in points with 12 but Kevin Pierce is creeping up on him and now has 11, plus in a season of multiple injuries, he has played in 22 games and would have played even more but went to Pentiction for a weekend. Dustin Watt has played all 26 games as has forward Mitch Titus, they are the only guys to do that, honourable mention to Ty Carron 25 and Keebler, Befus and Burgess with 24.

Next up... Doan Smith and the Rockies this Friday in Invermere. Smith played for the Riders at the end of last season after the Rockies traded him here when they knew they were doomed to miss the playoffs. Part of that deal was he could play where he wanted this season. Smith was in Nynäshamns IF J20-- what ever or where ever that is to start the season but returned home last month.

The Ghostriders play the Castlegar Rebels here in Fernie on Saturday night, they are currently fighting it out with Beaver Valley for first place in the Neil Murdoch Division. The Rebels have one of the best goals against in the league and were a plus 34 after last weekend. This is the second time these teams have played this year, the Riders opened the season in Castlegar and lost 3-2. Both teams have changed dramatically since then. 

Round' the League

Kamloops: Last season the trade of the year was Nitro Tyson Klingspohn getting traded for Summerland's Braden Saretesky who absolutely lit it up for Kimberley.  This year Kamloops picked up Zack Andrusiak from North Oak.  So far in 8 games he's had 11 goals and 7 assists.  AND Storm GM Barry Dewar posted it on the KIJHL website. Thanks Barry !
The Kamloops Storm acquire Zachari Andrusiak from the North Okanagan Knights for defencemen Patrick Nicholson, Andre Piquette and forward Ryland Chernomaz.

December 1st is upon us, all teams have to be down to a total of 25 players and cards. Most teams go to 22-23 players so they can bring in a couple of guys before the January 10th deadline where you have get down to 23 players.

Creston had the dubois' honour of losing to the last place Rockets two weeks ago. In a newspaper article their coach Jeff Dubois said Five players were missing in Sunday’s game — a combination of illness and violations of team rules. 

Whatever happened has been corrected... Creston has righted the ship with a 10-2 home ice win against the first place BV Hawks. The Cats also traded for Brett Witala who has had 3 goals and 3 assists in his first 3 games. AND, like Kamloops, they posted their trade on the KIJHL web site. Thanks Jeff ! 
The Creston Valley Thunder Cats acquire the playing rights of 1997-born forward Brett Witala and future considerations from the Campbell River Storm of the VIJHL in return for 1996-born defenceman Austin Steger. (Cats lost a pretty good D to get an F)

Rider fans can scream at Witala Thursday December 17th right here in Fernie.

Not all teams post their trades, so we have to thank those that do, it would be better if they were just fined, if I were king...

We hear the KIJHL will have something interesting for their fans this week on the KIJHL site. Stay tuned.

Kimberley Blogger Josh Lockhart had this on one of his posts before last weekend's games. Cause I'm not smart enough to explain it... I just copied and pasted it. The full article and how he came to his conclusions can be seen here 

J LockhartThe goal, I believe for any team, would be to have fewer infractions, few PK's and less lengthy penalties.

This took the value of the rank in each of the previous categories, and ordered them by the least points. 

1Kamloops Storm3.0874.58614.12114
1Beaver Valley Nitehawks3.44114.21114.46214
3Sicamous Eagles2.9245.321015.56317
4Spokane Braves2.5616.191815.81423
4Golden Rockets2.9655.381315.92523
6Chase Heat3.3684.91816.52824
7Osoyoos Coyotes3.80174.22316.04626
7Kimberley Dynamiters3.45124.72716.28726
9Revelstoke Grizzlies2.7526.101616.76927
10North Okanagan Knights2.9035.881517.081028
11Fernie Ghostriders4.12194.21117.331131
12Nelson Leafs3.3895.351118.091232
13Creston Valley Thunder Cats4.10184.42418.131335
14100 Mile House Wranglers3.0666.121718.731437
15Castlegar Rebels3.72155.12919.041539
16Summerland Steam3.63135.351119.391640
17Kelowna Chiefs4.94204.52522.321944
18Princeton Posse3.75165.581420.921747
18Columbia Valley Rockies3.3896.562022.151847
20Grand Forks Border Bruins3.69146.261923.072053

Kamloops Storm and the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, the numbers suggest are the most disciplined teams in the league.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Riders win two on the weekend

The Ghostriders won both of their games last weekend, 3-2 in OT on the road in Kimberley and 4-2 at home against Sicamous. The line of Cole Keebler (5), Zach Befus (6) and Justin Peers (5) was the story for the Riders as they had all but one of the goals and a total of 16 points between them. Befus had the power play OT winner in Kimberley as well . Jeff Orser got the big road  win and Brandon Butler got the win at home against Sicamous. The Riders play in Sicamous then go to Revelstoke next weekend. 

Huge win for the Ghostriders in Kimberley last Friday, and almost as fun as the win was watching all the Twitter idiots and hearing about the fans on hand who were attacking the referee who gave the Riders 2 power plays late in the game including one in the OT  that resulted in the Befus goal. Cause everyone knows the refs always try to influence the outcomes of the games...

We are going out of our way here not to attack the zebra's, I mean referees this year, (see it's hard) and we haven't really went after them very much for the last couple of seasons either. We'll have no league without them and here in the Kootenay's we have a  shortage of referees, actually a serious shortage. So we can just hope they do their best and pickup the majors. Although it sometimes seems to the fans like were in the NHL, we're a junior "B" league... I can assure you that both coaches have questions after every game.

The larger ice in Kimberley seems to suit the Rider skaters, I watched the game on the internet and both teams seemed to have time in each other's end and neither goalie, Jeff Orser or Nitro Tyson Brouwer  was picked as a game star... and the shots ended up virtually even at 34-31 for the Riders. The Riders went 1-4 on the PP, Kimberley 0-1 and both teams had several players out with injuries. Kimberley has gained 3 of a possible 4 points vs Fernie's 2.

With all the injuries, especially to the D, the Ghost needed someone to fill some holes up back there and Dustin Watt (95) is the guy. He is maybe unspectacular, but he is rock solid and now is coming to the attention of Coach Mohr who says Watt "is playing as good as I've seen him play".   And after two years Mohr  has seen him play lots...  Ditto for Dan Burgess and the three 17 year olds Trevor Broad, Kevin Pierce and Kyle Haugo, yeah Haugo who is in his second year is only 17, it just seems like he's been around longer, and starting to play that way too.

Travis Thomsen had missed a few games then played in the Kimberley game but left in the second period and did not play in the Sicamous game. Big time problems on the blueline with Thomsen, Keagan Kingwell and Ryan Teslak out with possible longterm injuries.

The Ghostriders have scored 88 goals and 29 have been on the power play and Zach Befus has 9 , Alex Cheveldave is next with 5, oddly enough, top scorer Cole Keebler (95) only has one so 20 of his goals have come at even strength... can you hear that you Colleges.

The best player without a point for the Riders in the Sicamous game, Nolan Lagace, he can make something out of nothing and is almost as slippery as Keebler. Coach Mohr agrees with that and is trying to figure out the pieces of this puzzle as we speak.

It wasn't pretty but a 4-2 win vs Sicamous was a good win. They had only won 5 games, but the Eagles, as expressed by a couple of GM's in the league, are a better team than their record shows. Those thoughts were also the talk of the 400 coaches at the rink Saturday as well. Brandon Butler had to be very sharp at times in the Eagle game and made a couple of outstanding saves in the second. After the Fernie game the Eagles went to Kimberley and lost 3-2 in Overtime so got 1 point.

Broadcast team photo Dan, Ted, Scottie, Lola and Steve

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Rider Roundup- no controversy- sorry skeptics

Ghostriders Notebook

The Ghostriders Tim Horton’s Player of the Week is first year speed skating centre  Mitch Titus and the McDonald’s Practice Player of the Week is  forward Evan Reid.

 AP Evan Traverse scored his first ever KIJHL goal last Friday against Invermere. A little on the small side but more than willing to go where he has to... hope he gets in a couple more games.

Despite missing time with an injury Cole Keebler was still leading all players in scoring to start the week with 39 points in 29 games.

Forward Evan Reid scored a goal last Friday and has 5 points in his last 5 games, Reid is in his first season as a forward. He played D last year here in Fernie.

Ben Sushkovsky is finished for the season with a broken rib and has left the team, Ben endeared himself to this column when he fought and surprised 6' 5" 220 lb Mike Main from Golden in October . His size and grit will be missed here.

With all the injuries Dan Burgess who started out as a defenceman but then went up front on the wing,and was liking it, has to go back on the blueline for the next couple of weeks. Here we like him up front as well.

The Riders are in Kimberley Friday, the Nitro's have actually lost a couple of games lately, Castlegar started it all with a 3-1 thirteen game  streak breaking win in Kimbo then Creston got board a 5-2 win at home last Saturday.

Trevor Broad will be in the lineup this week after serving a 1 game suspension for a fight in the Rockies game. I couldn't see it from where I was sitting but one of the Rockies speared him on the way to the bench, so that's why he started swinging in that game... we kinda like that.

Just reading that Chad Allen was fired as the Calgary Mustangs Head Coach, he got his start with the aforementioned Rockies several seasons ago, yeah I know you say who cares,... but I find this stuff interestin...It's also where Josh McCulloch is playing, Josh played here last season scoring 25 goals and 36 points  in 26 games before leaving for cowtown.

Kamloops looked pretty good when they were here in Fernie, they are just a game breaker away from first overall...

The Riders have 26 PP goals, (BV and Kelowna have 27)  and Zach Befus has 7 of them, the 19 year old has been a real good player for the Riders since he came here.

Saturday's Game

The Ghostriders play Sicamous here in Fernie on Saturday and it’s part one of a home and home with the Eagles. They play in Sicamous next Friday and in Revelstoke next Saturday, both games are scheduled Drive 99.1 radio broadcast games.

The Eagles played two games last week and in their first game  they had the dubious honour of being the first team to lose to the Golden Rockets  and it was a 6-1loss at home in Sicamous. If it would have been Creston, would I have said they had the Jeff dubious honour ? 

The Rockets had some extra motivation in that game as the Eagles Head Coach and General Manager Ty Davidson was the Head Coach and GM of the Rockets for the last five years. Safe to say many of Ty’s former players wanted to play well in front of him. Anyway the Eagles got back on track the next night with a 3-2 win against former Rider Coach Dale Hladun who is the head guy in 100 Mile House now.

The Ghostriders lost both games last weekend, 4-2 to Invermere and 4-0 to Kamloops. Several players are out of the lineup right now with injuries and a few who are in the lineup are playing hurt. Here is the day to day list of players who may or may not play Saturday. #4 Keagan Kingwell, #8 Ryan Teslak, #5 Travis Thomsen, #27 Mack Differenz, #13 Ryan Kennedy, #18 Spencer Bender, #25 Cole Keebler and # 22 Aidan Wilson. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Riders lose 4-2 to the Rockies

Lucky Friday the 13th wasn't so lucky for the Ghostriders who lost a 4-2 (1 EN Goal) decision to the Columbia Valley Rockies who are now 4-0 vs the Riders and on a 4 game win streak.  They are also tied with Fernie in the standings .

The Riders still have 2 games in hand but with the number of injuries they have they could end up in fourth before they heal up.

Lots of shots and Fernie's Jeff Orser  and Rockies Connor McKay were both called upon to make some big saves but neither was a game star and many of the shots were from the outside. The teams took turns in each other's end but found it hard to get the great chances on a regular basis.

Besides the injuries listed below, the difference was size, the Riders were finishing their checks regularly but it didn't seem to phase the larger Rockies. The Rockies came to play and weren't particularlly chippy and weren't getting involved in any fights either. In the third the Riders Trevor Broad tried to start a fight after he was bumped on a line change starting a scrum that resulted in a 5 minute PP for the Rockies with just 8:54 left in the game and a 3-1 lead.

The Riders killed the penalty then speedy AP Evan Traverse scored his first ever goal with 3:17 left. Evan Reid had the assist and also scored the first goal. Reid, who was a D man last season was one of the bright spots for the Ghost up front with a goal and an assist and 3 goals and 2 assists in his last four games. 

The Riders had some chances with their net empty  but Mike Cardinal put one in with :09 left on the clock. Harrison Davies with a goal and an assist had the game winner.

The Riders were without D men Travis Thomsen and Ryan Teslak then Keagan Kingwell got hurt in the second and didn't play in the third. A devastating blow with these guys out and likely Trevor Broad tonight as well for the fight in the last ten minutes. As for the forwards Aidan Wilson, Mack Differenz, Spencer Bender and Cole Keebler were also out and that probably hurt the PP which is one of the highest scoring ones in the league.
Newcomer Nolan Lagace looks better every shift and when the team gets healthy, if they ever do, he will really be a bonus.

Tonight it's the Kamloops Storm here in Fernie, they lost 4-2 as well last night in Kimberley  with an EN goal too. The Storm, who play a very defensive game outshot the Dynamiters 27-17 last night but found Tyson Brouwer just as hard to solve as he was in the KI final last year against the Storm. 
AP Evan Traverse

team logoteam logo
Columbia Valley Rockies@Fernie Ghostriders
Columbia Valley Rockies1034
Fernie Ghostriders1012
Columbia Valley Rockies9111434
Fernie Ghostriders1191838
Columbia Valley Rockies1 for 4 (25.0%)
Fernie Ghostriders0 for 2 (00.0%)
GAME DATENov. 13, 2015
LOCATIONFernie Memorial Arena 
REFEREE 1Monty Taylor
LINESMAN 1Will Casper
LINESMAN 2Travis Baher
SCOREKEEPERMurray Brockmeyer
Fernie Ghostriders
Evan Reid
Columbia Valley Rockies
Micheal Cardinal
1-0 Fernie Ghostriders at 14:00 Evan Reid from  Tayler Sincennes 
1-1 Columbia Valley Rockies at 12:04 (PP) Colton Sandboe from  Donoven Quintin and Micheal Cardinal 
No Scoring
2-1 Columbia Valley Rockies at 14:25 Zachary Ross from  Harrison Davies 
3-1 Columbia Valley Rockies at 7:14 Harrison Davies from  Nigel Swab and Colton Sandboe 
3-2 Fernie Ghostriders at 3:17 Evan Traverse from  Evan Reid 
4-2 Columbia Valley Rockies at 0:09 (EN)Micheal Cardinal (unassisted)
Fernie Ghostriders at 13:04 - Alex Cheveldave for Goaltender interference (2 Min.)
Columbia Valley Rockies at 17:11 - Liam Thomas for Roughing (2 Min.)
Columbia Valley Rockies at 10:35 - Donoven Quintin for Cross-checking (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 3:15 - Justin Peers for High-sticking (4 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:54 - Trevor Broad for Fighting (5 Min.)
Columbia Valley Rockies at 8:54 - Donoven Quintin for Roughing After The Whistle (2 Min.)
Columbia Valley Rockies at 8:54 - Micheal Cardinal for Roughing After The Whistle (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:54 - Ty Carron for Roughing After The Whistle (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:54 - Trevor Broad for Instigator (2 Min.)
Columbia Valley Rockies at 8:54 - Donoven Quintin for Game Misconduct 
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:54 - Trevor Broad for Game Misconduct 
Fernie Ghostriders at :09 - Alex Cheveldave for Roughing (2 Min.)
3Ty Duncan 000E00
4Harrison Davies 112E00
5Kobe Eagletail 000E00
9Kolten Nelson 000E00
11Malcolm Fenelon 000E00
12Nigel Swab 011E00
13Colton Robb 000E00
14Colton Sandboe 112E00
15Will Reynish 000E00
16Ryan St.Jean 000E00
18Donoven Quintin 011E04
19Quinn Sobus 000E00
20Zachary Ross 101E00
21Micheal Cardinal 112E02
22Luke Bellerose 000E00
23Nolan Menard 000E00
24Davin Burton 000E00
26Liam Thomas 000E02
1Connor McKay (W)60:003836
30Giovanni Sambrielaz (Backup)0:0000
3Kevin Pierce 000E00
4Keagan Kingwell 000E00
6Kyle Haugo 000E00
7Dan Burgess 000E00
9Nolan Lagace 000E00
10Evan Reid 112E00
12Brandon Breithaupt 000E00
13Ryan Kennedy 000E00
14Zach Befus 000E00
15Ty Carron 000E02
17Mitch Titus 000E00
20Trevor Broad 000E07
21Justin Peers 000E04
22Evan Traverse 101E00
23Alex Cheveldave 000E04
24Dustin Watt 000E00
26Tayler Sincennes 011E00
28Lane Sim 000E00
1Jeff Orser (L)58:203330
30Brandon Butler (Backup) 0:0000