Sunday, 28 February 2016

Riders win 3-1 go to Kimbo Monday 4 the G5 Summit

The Riders win game 4 by a 3-1 score (1EN G) but are still down 3-1 in the series heading back to Kimbo Monday at 7:00

Ask any coach and they'll tell you that usually the hardest game to win in a series is the one that eliminates your opponent.

The Riders won the game but also won the big hit parade by a fairly wide margin Saturday and they had quite a few more grade A scoring chances than the Dynamiters as well.

For a change it was the Ghost who won the special teams battle, they went 1-3 on the power play and and killed all 5 Nitro PP chances while at the same time outshooting em 32-18.

Kimberley's Tanner Wit from Hunt and Doell scored first in the 2nd but Nolan Lagace tied the game when he received a nice pass from Aidan Wilson right in front of the net and fired it in.

In the third Wilson scored on the PP from Mack Differenz (who had 2 assists) and Ryan Teslak, then Evan Reid unassisted scored in the empty net to seal the deal with 1:40 left in the third.

Brandon Butler picked up the win in net stopping 17 and Tyson Brouwer who has had 2 shutouts so far stopped 29 in the loss.

Brouwer was named as the Player of the Game and Evan Reid with his 2nd goal of the series was the Rider's POG. Honourable mention to Alex Cheveldave and Wilson who were the Coaches picks . Wilson after scoring the GW and making the great pass to setup the  first goal. Butler was good but not the POG...  that should tell you something.

The Nitro's were without top scoring D Jordan Busch, Austin Moser, James Rota and another big gun in Keenan Haase... Welcome to the club !  Busch who was the Eddie Mt. D of the year will be back Monday after serving a 2 game suspension for a head shot.

The Riders got fearless Coleton Dawson back wearing a cage and some screws after surgery but still have Cole Keebler, Travis Thomsen, Kyle Haugo, Dan Burgess, Jeff Orser and Justin Peers out with injuries.

1010 noisy fans were at the game and game 6 will likely be in Fernie Tuesday at 7:30

Being in each step of the way without judging the circumstances keeps us in balance through the process to open up new doors@RiderNewsKIJHL

In other news
Creston won their series vs Invermere in 4 straight after a 4-2 win  Carson Cartwright scored 4 goals, 2 SH.
I can almost hear them on the bus home when they heard Fernie won ... knock yourselves out boys...
Creston will be a formidable rested opponent starting March 5th. CVR was the second most penalized team but seemed to have changed their game plan and had very few PIM ... much to the surprise of many.

BV defeats Nelson 1-0 Kramer with the shutout  and win the series 4-0 as expected.

Osoyoos wins 4-1 outshooting North Oak 46-21 and wins their series 4-0.

Castlegar ties their series with Grand Forks 2-2 with a 5-4 OT win. They were up 4-0 in the first but the Bruins battled back.

The shorthanded Kamloops Storm are down 3-1 after losing 3-2 in Chase

Summerland got back in their series with Kelowna (2-2) with a 3-2  win Saturday Someone threw a beer can at the Steam goalie and Twitter was outraged...get over it. The Steam fought back after all that whining about Kelowna shadowing Jack Mills...another get over it... do something about it. Read More Here
We thought there was such a thing as a fairly stiff penalty for making mockery of the game too, but, ☕🐸

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Riders down 3-0 home Saturday Feb 27th... and a little drivel

The Riders are down 3-0 in their series with the Dynamiters and except for the first game they have given them all they could handle.

The difference has been the power play, Kimberley had 2 PP goals last night in their 3-0 win and the other goal was essentially on the PP as the player in the box had not gotten back into the play.

The Dynamiters have lived on their special teams
Game 1 a 6-0 win PP 3-3
Game 2 a 4-3 win PP 3-3
Game 3 a 3-0 win PP 2-7 but 1 goal was before the Rider
player got back into the play.
So of 13 goals 8 (but really 9) were on the PP and a few of them have been bounces off Rider players.

The Rider PP has 1 goal.
Game 1 0-7
Game 2 1-9
Game 3 0-7

The Riders outshot Kimberley Friday night 28-24 and did very well in the hit department without their biggest players throwing their weight around. If they can ever get their PP and PK going, tonight they should win. It looked like Keenan Haase was injured in the third and their D man Busch will serve game 2 of his suspension for breaking a players jaw with a head shot tonight.

The Rider veteran injury list is long, Cole Keebler, Justin Peers, Travis Thomsen, Dan Burgess, Kyle Haugo and Jeff Orser all missed last night and are unlikely for tonight. AP's, D- Derek Green wore # 2 last night Evan Traverse #12 (was POG) and Brandon Youngson was the backup to Brandon Butler in net. Green (99) was good and got off a couple of hits as well, he's a beauty. Alex Cheveldave has been heroic and the POG's in my eyes.

Kimberley forwards were not very intimidating Friday and feasted on the PP, if the Riders come out like they did in game two here in Fernie  tonight the series will go at least 5.

In other news, Creston took a 3-0 series lead in Columbia Valley last night with a 3-2 win, and very few PIM's... what are the Rockies thinking.
Rockies HC Wade Dubielewicz was named as the EM Coach of the Year.
Micheal Cardinal was the EM MVP and Top Scorer
Nolan Menard (97) the EM Rookie of the Year

Chase leads Kamloops 2-1
BV leads Nelson 3-0
Osoyoos leads North Oak 3-0
Kelowna leads Summerland 2-1
Grand Forks leads Castlegar 2-1
100 Mile leads Revelstoke 2-0

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Riders down 2-0 after an OT L

After a 6-0 loss in Kimberley Tuesday night where the Riders (after the first period) lost every facet of the game, the hits, shot totals (40-23) and goals, they came back Wednesday and put on a great show for the 617 fans with several hits shots and a few breakaways by both teams and some goals.

Refereeing continues to be an issue as the Riders lost yet another player to an uncalled head shot Tuesday and Travis Thomsen missed Wednesday's game. The Nitro's took a turn  howling at the ref Wednesday, the PP stats were Fernie 1-10 and Kimberley 2-3... and as you can see the Rider PP without their "C" Cole Keebler wasn't good while the Dynamiters PK and PP numbers were about as good as they get.

Both teams lost a hi end player, Fernie - F  Zach Befus (5-cross check and GM )and Kimberley D Jordan Busch( 5 for head contact and GM)  Rider Justin Peers  and Nitro Austin Moser  didn't finish the game either.

The Riders did very well in the physical part of the game with all their biggest players out of the lineup with injuries. Dan Burgess, Coleton Dawson and Travis Thomsen were all out and in the PO those larger players win games.

Jeff Orser was stellar until he misplayed a puck while out of the net in the double OT.
Tyson Brouwer who had the shutout Tuesday his (8th) was very good Wednesday... but human... for a change.

The Riders had goals from Trevor Broad, Justin Peers (who was playing well until he was hit in the head) and Evan Reid with the tying G. Mack Differenz played well for the Riders and both him and Kevin Pierce (98) had  2 A. Reid missed on a clear cut breakaway in the OT as well.

Kimberley goals were from George Bertoia, Brodie Buhler, Eric Buckley and Korbin Chabot (99) in OT.

In other news Creston is up 2-0 on the Rockies who are playing a very tame style with low PIM (what are they thinking)

BV is up 2-0 on Nelson but the games have been closer than you would think.
Castlegar and Grand Forks are 1-1, the winner of the Eddie Mt will play one of those teams.

Osoyoos is up 2-0 on North Oak, surprise surprise
Chase and Kamloops are 1-1
100 leads Revelstoke 1-0
Kelowna leads Summerland 1-0
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team logoteam logo
Kimberley Dynamiters@Fernie Ghostriders
Kimberley Dynamiters11114
Fernie Ghostriders11103
Kimberley Dynamiters12109435
Fernie Ghostriders10139638
Kimberley Dynamiters2 for 3 (66.7%)
Fernie Ghostriders1 for 10 (10.0%)
GAME DATEFeb. 24, 2016
LOCATIONFernie Memorial Arena 
REFEREE 1Dwight Kerkhoven
LINESMAN 1Cory Stanbury
LINESMAN 2Corey Olsen
SCOREKEEPERMurray Brockmeyer
Fernie Ghostriders
Alex Cheveldave
Kimberley Dynamiters
Tyson Brouwer
Kimberley Dynamiters at 4:48 (PP) George Bertoia from Justin Meier andSawyer Hunt1-0 KD
Fernie Ghostriders at 2:58 (PP) Justin Peers from Kevin Pierce and Mack Differenz1-1 Tie
Fernie Ghostriders at 13:45 Trevor Broad from Kevin Pierce and Mack Differenz2-1 FG
Kimberley Dynamiters at 9:47 Brodie Buhler from Jordan Busch and Trey Doell2-2 Tie
Kimberley Dynamiters at 13:28 (PP) Eric Buckley from Jason Richter3-2 KD
Fernie Ghostriders at 3:33 Evan Reid from Dustin Watt and Ryan Kennedy3-3 Tie
Kimberley Dynamiters at 18:28 Korbyn Chabot from George Bertoia4-3 KD
Fernie Ghostriders at 15:40 - Keagan Kingwell for Cross-checking (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 15:40 - Keenan Haase for Holding (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 14:13 - Ryan Kennedy for Slashing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 14:13 - Jared Marchi for Interference (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 11:39 - Graham Dugdale for Interference (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 10:23 - Jordan Busch for Interference (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:09 - Zach Befus for Game Misconduct (10 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 8:09 - Zach Befus for Cross-checking (5 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 8:09 - Eric Buckley for Boarding (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 3:53 - George Bertoia for Interference (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 2:27 - Tanner Wit for Unsportsmanlike conduct (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 6:50 - Mack Differenz for Slashing (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 6:33 - Jared Marchi for Spearing (4 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 5:12 - Jordan Busch for Misconduct (10 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 5:12 - Jordan Busch for Head Contact (5 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 18:53 - Keenan Haase for Hooking (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 13:45 - Ty Carron for Holding (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 5:02 - Korbyn Chabot for Cross-checking (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 4:53 - Keagan Kingwell for Holding (2 Min.)
Kimberley Dynamiters at 3:03 - Justin Meier for Holding (2 Min.)
2George Bertoia112E02
6Devon Langelaar000E00
8Trey Doell011E00
9Tanner Wit000E02
10Jordan Busch011E017
11Justin Meier011E02
12Eric Buckley101E02
15Jared Marchi000E06
16James Rota000E00
17Austyn Moser000E00
18James Farmer000E00
19Graham Dugdale000E02
21Trevor Van Steinburg000E00
22Sawyer Hunt011E00
24Brodie Buhler101E00
26Korbyn Chabot101E02
27Keenan Haase000E04
40Jason Richter011E00
1Tyson Brouwer (W)71:323835
33Mitch Traichevich (Backup)0:0000
3Kevin Pierce022E00
4Keagan Kingwell000E04
8Ryan Teslak000E00
9Nolan Lagace000E00
10Evan Reid101E00
12Evan Traverse000E00
13Ryan Kennedy011E02
14Zach Befus000E015
15Ty Carron000E02
17Mitch Titus000E00
20Trevor Broad101E00
21Justin Peers101E00
22Aidan Wilson000E00
23Alex Cheveldave000E00
24Dustin Watt011E00
26Tayler Sincennes000E00
27Mack Differenz022E02
1Jeff Orser (L)71:323531
30Brandon Butler (Backup)0:0000