Saturday, 13 February 2016

Riders win 3-2 vs the Rockies

The final game of their 8 game regular season series between the Riders- Rockies went down to the wire when Doan Smith scored to make it 3-2 on the PP with 3:58 left in the game, but the Riders hung on for the win and finish the series 3-5.

It was a great game for the 550 Riders fans but after the first everyone thought the Riders were done. The Rockies led 1-0 and had a 18-6 shot differential and used their size to their advantage. The lone Rockies Goal was  Davin Burton from Micheal Cardinal and Ryan St.Jean

After the second the Riders were leading 2-1 and had narrowed the shot differential to 16-10. The goals.. Coleton Dawson from Ty Carron  and (SH) Mitch Titus from Tayler Sincennes and Jeff Orser.

In the third the teams exchanged goals and shot totals as the Riders outshot Invermere 14-10.

 The goals(PP) and Game Winner  Alex Cheveldave from Mack Differenz and Aidan Wilson made it 3-1 then the Rockies Doan Smith made it 3-2 on the PP.

Jeff Orser had the win in net and Connor McKay had the loss.

Riders were without  Cole Keebler, Justin Peers, Zach Befus, Ryan Kennedy , Travis Thomsen, Kyle Haugo. Mack Differenz played with a full shield after losing most of his front teeth to a high stick via Kimberley.
AP's  Evan Traverse and Dalton Bouvier both played Friday.

Full game sheet here

Odds and ends

The win keeps the Riders 2 points ahead of the Rockies who have 3 games left and keeps their faint hope clause to catch Creston for second open, but they will need help. The Rockies have Golden tonight and Creston twice next week.

In the first the Rockies dominated but surprisingly the Riders had a couple of really good chances short handed and the tireless Mitch Titus finally scored on one of them in the second.

After a poor first the Riders battled back in the second and when the period was over everyone was saying "These guys don't quit ! "

I think that  Alex Chevledave  was thinking this is my last chance to get him when he hit Doan Smith in the third. I saw Smith chirping at him before hand a few times but with a 3-1 lead, 6:22 left in the game and 3rd place on the line a 5 minute major was a bit much. Especially since Alex hadn't played since December 28 because of injury, the Riders are shorthanded because of injuries  and now he will probably get a couple of games suspension.

I also don't know what the Rockies were thinking either... after Smith was hit in the head he was staggering (that means a brain injury) but they put him right back out on the PP despite the fact he seemed very disheveled on the face off.

Anyway, Smith wasn't completely out of it and actually scored the Rockies 2nd goal on the ensuing PP.... but at first the ref disallowed it and Smith was ejected when he argued a little to much... only to be credited with the goal... in the shower. 

Coleton Dawson lost his fight at the end of his shift in the second when Cole Richardson jumped in as St. Jean and Dawson were shoving catching Dawson a bit off guard... but at 6'3" 230 Richardson is a giant.

The Riders held Micheal Cardinal to 1 assist but Coyote R Glimpel had 3 points Friday and now has the KIJHL scoring lead. The Riders seem to have Cardinal's number and he has had just 1 assist in the last couple of games vs Fernie.

The Riders are in Kimberley tonight, Nitro Coach Jerry Bancks was asking the fans to cool it... but unless there is some security...


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