Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tuesday in the KIJHL

Kimberley 3 @ Fernie 2
Chase Miller's 2nd power play goal on the night was the game winner and Cody Campbell stopped 38 shots for the win. 
Brendan Nemes scored both Fernie goals. 720 at the game.
Kimberley has tied the series at 2-2 and play at  home Thursday.

Summerland 4 @ Kelowna 7
The Chiefs go 3-6 on the PP and  Brett Witala's PP  goal was the winner. Joel Scrimbit had 4 points as well giving Kelowna the win to even the series up a 2 each, next game is in Summerland.

Beaver Valley 7 @ Grand Forks 4
The Hawks score 3 power play goals, Tyler Hartman had 2G 1A and Tallon Kramer had the win in net and the Hawks win the series 4-0.

Castlegar 0 @ Nelson 1
Devin Allen stopped 15 for the shutout and Sawyer Hunt from Dale Howell scored the only goal in the second OT period giving the Leafs the win. Chandler Billinghurst stopped 39 of 40 in the Rebel net. The series is now tied at 2.

Osoyoos 3 @ North Oak 2 OT
Colin Bell (1G2A) scored the OT game winner and Adam Jones stopped 25 of 27 to give the Coyotes a 4-0 series win

Creston 5 @ Columbia Valley 3
Grant Illes (3G 1A) had the game winner mid third and Brock Lefebvre stopped 38 of 41 to give the T Cats a 4-0 series win.

100 Mile 2 @ Kamloops 5
Dallas Ottos' goal in the second period was the game winner. Mitch Friesen had 2G 1A and Jason Sandhu stopped 42 to give Kamloops a 3-1 series lead , next game in 100 Mile.

Chase 2 @ Revelstoke 1
Ryan Okino scored in the first and Kolten Moore  scored the game winner in the second period and the Heat take a 3-1 series lead. Nic Bruyere made 31 saves for the win and Giovanni Sambrielaz stopped 40 in a losing cause. 800 at the game.

Riders win 6-5 and a little Round' the League

The Ghostriders started out the game with two power plays but after that they took a series of penalties of their own and paid for it when...
Kimberley’s Nick Ketola, James Farmer (2) and Matt Davies each scored power play goals . 

But they kept battling and were rewarded with a goal with just :29 seconds left in the frame when Justin Peers fired one in and the first ended  4-1 Kimberley.

Just over a minute into the second Rider regular season top scorer  Mitch Titus (1G 1A) scored his first of the post season then barely a minute later Kevin Pierce scored a power play goal and it was a 4-3 game. Brendan Nemes completed the comeback and tied the game at 4 at the 16:05 mark and that's how the period ended tied 4- 4.

In the first minute of the third Ryan Kennedy scored to make it 5-4 then Justin Peers (2G 1A) scored the Riders 6th goal and 6th in a row  and it would turn out to be the game winner after Matt Davies scored his second on the night to make it 6-5.

Game Notes
Brendan Henderson started in the Rider net but was replaced by Brandon Youngson to start the second and courtesy of several big time saves got the win and was the Riders Player of the Game. 

Cody Campbell went the distance in the Dynamiter net. Derek Green left the game after a hit but should play tonight. Rider Keelan Saworski (arguably the Riders best all around player) was kicked out in the first for a CFB but will play tonight.

Derek Green,Tristan Downe, Devin Nemes, Nolan Lagace, Tayler Sincennes and Ben Sushkovsky (2) each had assists for the Riders. Justin Peers' has scored the game winner twice in a row now.

If you were a referee evaluator (not a fan in the stands evaluator) you would definitely term these games as difficult. Many of the hits are questionable and soon as you turn your head... For the record, Fernie went 1-9 and Kimberley was 4-10 on the PP.

George Bertola, Nolan Kurylo,Cooper Page,Chase Miller (2) Franco Colapaolo and Devin Langelaar had assists for the KD and D James Farmer's 3 point night gives him 7 in the series. Tyler Van Steinberg did not play, he must be injured, I don't think you sit that D.

Round’ the League
Creston leads the Rockies 3-0 after a 7-4 win in Invermere last night.

Beaver Valley leads Grand Forks 3-0 after Tallon Kramer got a 4-0 shutout in GF

Osoyoos leads North Oak 3-0

Castlegar leads Nelson 2-1 after a 5-4 win in Nelson when KIJHL top scorer Logan Styler scored on the PP in the 2nd OT last night

Summerland leads Kelowna 2-1 but lost Riley Pettitt after he was hit with a head shot that earned Brendan Mongey a 5 minute major. The game before featured Summerland's Calvin Hadley taking a 5 on Kelowna's goalie, he got 2 games. If you go on Justin McCartney's Twitter @KChiefsVoice you can see the video.

Chase leads Revelstoke 2-1

Kamloops leads 100 Mile 2-1

Monday, 27 February 2017

Monday night in the KIJHL

Kimberley 5 @ Fernie 6
Kimberley scored 4 PP goals in the first period for a 4-1 lead but the Riders battled back with 3 in the second and 2 in the third. Justin Peers (2G 1A) scored the game winner and Mitch Titus had 1G 1A. Both Brendan Henderson and Brandon Youngson were in the FGR net. Nitro's James Farmer and Matt Davies each scored two goals. Fernie takes a 2-1 series lead in front of 950 fans.

Beaver Valley 4 @ Grand Forks 0
Four different Hawks score (2 on the PP) and they outshot GFBB 44-28 as well to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. Goalie Tallon Kramer with the shutout was the Hawk POG
372 fans at the game.

Castlegar 5 @ Nelson 4
Nelson's Jakob Karran tied the game at 4 in the third but KIJHL scoring champ Logan Styler (1G 2A) scored the game winner in the second OT on the PP to give the Rebels a 2-1 series lead. John Moller scored 3 Rebel goals and Chandler Billinghurst stopped 31 for the win. 530 fans at the game. 

Chase 2 @ Revelstoke 1
Jake Delorme's PP goal in the first period turns out to be the game winner. The Heat out shot Revy 42-27 and Nic Bruyere had the win in net as the Heat take a 2-1 series lead in front of a fantastic crowd of 1038 Grizz fans.

Summerland 3 @ Kelowna 1
Morey Babakaiff scored the game winner in the second period after Wyatt Gale scored the first goal on the PP in the first. Matt Huber had the win in net stopping 23 of 24. 
330 fans at the game and Summerland has taken a 2-1 series lead.

Creston 7 @ Columbia Valley 4 
Creston wins a track meet by outshooting CVR 56-49 and scoring 7 goals to take a 3-0 series lead. Thomas Cankovic and Mike Spenrath each had 2 goals and there were 330 fans at the game.

100 Mile 2 @ Kamloops 3
Haden Dick's 2nd goal in the second period was the game winner and Jason Sandhu had the win in net stopping 33 of 35 shots. Kamloops takes a 2-1 series lead. 100's Jakob Severson stopped 34 in a losing cause.

Osoyoos 4 @ North Oakanagan 2
The Coyotes score 3 in the third and Jackson Glimpel's 2nd goal in a row was the game winner. Both Liam Aitken and Adam Jones were in the Coyote net. The shots were 39-30 and the Coyotes have taken a 3-0 series lead.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Riders are home here in Fernie Monday night, Round the league and a few other things

The Fernie Ghostriders play game three of their best of seven series
against the Kimberley Dynamiters Monday night here in Fernie.

The series is tied at one game each and game four is Tuesday night right here in Fernie.

Game five will be in Kimberley on Thursday night and it will be live on The Drive 99.1 local radio.

Game six if there is one will be here in Fernie Friday March 3rd and game seven is Saturday in Kimberley.

Game one: Fernie 3 @ Kimberley 8
The game was tied at 2 well into the second period when Kimberley scored four in a row virtually 
ending the game. Nitro Joe Karpyshyn, James Farmer and Matt Davies each had 3 point nights and Cody Campbell had the win in net.
Fernie had goals from Evan Traverse, Devin Nemes and Aidan Wilson (1G1A). Brendan Henderson started but was pulled after the sixth goal. Brandon Youngson finished the game.

Game two : Fernie 4 @ Kimberley 2
The Ghostriders had the lead all game and were up 2-0 after two. Kimberley scored to make it 2-1 but then Justin Peers scored on the PP for a 3-1 lead. Kimberley scored again making it a 3-2 game but Keelan Saworksi ended it with his first goal of the post season in the last minute of the game.

The Riders goals were from  Brendan Nemes (PP) Ty Abbott, Justin Peers (the game winner on the PP) and Keelan Saworski. Alex Cheveldave finished the night with 2 assists and Brendan Henderson was the Riders player of the game after he stopped 31 shots.
Kimberley had goals from Joe Karpyshyn and Franco Colapaolo and Cody Campbell was in net.

No problems in Kimberley in game 1 but when they lost in game 2 a fan was ejected for verbally attacking the referee and  several other fans were yelling and screaming and throwing cups of beer as well.They should change to Bud light or something if it's that bad. 

Round' the League

The KIJHL is keeping quiet on this as is BC Hockey but the WHL has a statement on the Mumps virus that's going around. If you or a teammate get sick get checked for the Mumps, it is serious...

Creston as expected leads Columbia Valley 2-0 - they won 7-2 last night and outshot CVR 53-27 but go to Rockieland Monday.

Beaver Valley also as expected leads Grand Forks 2-0
 after a 7-1 win and a 53-19 shot advantage last night ... they go to GFBB Monday

Castlegar and Nelson are tied 1-1- those pesky Leafs could surprise in Nelson for the next 2.

100 Mile and Kamloops are tied 1-1- the Storm battle back and tie with a 5-2 win and go home to Kamloops Monday.

Chase and Revelstoke are tied 1-1- Chase was first and have now tied it up but go to Revy Monday.

Summerland and Kelowna are tied at 1-1 but Kelowna may have lost their goalie Tanner Marshall after the Steam's Calvin Hadley took a 5 min major for goaltender interference on him and he left the game... there will be lots of fireworks at the KIJHL office over that one, and maybe on the ice as well in Kelowna as the Chiefs are no shrinking violets.

Osoyoos leads North Oakanagan 2-0 after Ryan Roseboom scored the game winner in a 3-2 game last night... but Roseboom who was a KIJHL top scorer with 31G and 25A  took a 5 minute charging penalty in the last 10 minutes so may miss a game or two, more fun for the KI VP's. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Saturday night in the KIJHL

Fernie 4 @ Kimberley 2
Justin Peers PP goal was the game winner and Brendan Henderson stopped 31of 33 for the Ghostriders who have tied the series at 1 -1. Great crowd of 884 fans at the game.

Kamloops 5 @ 100 Mile 2
Evan Walls had 2 G 1A and Mitch Friesen scored 1 and had 3 assists as Kamloops ties the series at 1. 
Jason Sandhu stopped 40 for the Storm and 640 fans were in attendance. Riley Colsh scored both 100 G's.

Revelstoke 1 @ Chase 3
Josh Bourne scored the GW in the 2nd period and Nic Bruyere stopped 27 for the win. Chase has tied the series at 1. 333 fans at the game.

Kelowna 2 @ Summerland 4
Wyatt Gale's second goal was the GW, both teams had 2 PP G's and Summerland has tied the series at 1-1.  Matt Huber had the W in net .

Columbia Valley 2 @ Creston 7
Thomas Cankovic scored 2, Ron Wilkie had 3 assists and Creston is now up 2-0 on the Rockies. Shots were 53-27 CVT and 353 were at the game.

Nelson 1 @ Castlegar 5
Everett Hicks scored 3 goals and Chandeler Billinghurst stopped 25 The Rebels have tied the series at 1-1. 365 fans in attendance.

Grand Forks 1 @ Beaver Valley 7
Blake Sidoni scored 2 and Sam Swanson had 3 points. BV outshoots GF 53-19 and takes a 2-0 series lead.

North Okanagan 2 @ Osoyoos 3
Ryan Roseboom 1G 1A scored the game winner in the second period and Adam Jones stopped 19 for the win. Conor Webb stopped 47 of 50 in a losing effort. The Coyotes have a 2-0 series lead.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday night in the KIJHL

Fernie 3 @ Kimberley 8 
Tyler Van Steinburg scored a pair and Matt Davies and Chase Miller each had 3 points as the Nitro's blow up the Fernie Ghostriders 8-3 in front of 826 fans taking a 1-0 series lead.

Revelstoke 5 Chase 4 
Revelstoke's Tyler Chavez Leech scored one of the Grizz's 4 PP goals in the third and it was the game winner. Tommy Bodtker had 2 goals and the Grizz surprise the first place Heat with a 5-4 win and a 1-0 series lead. 335 at the game.

Kamloops 1 @ 100 Mile 4
Ryan Friesen had 2G 1A and Colton Thomas scored two as well as the Wranglers take a 1-0 series lead in front of 618 fans. Jakob Severson stopped 36 of 37 in the Wrangler net.

Grand Forks 2 @ Beaver Valley 3
Blake Sidoni's second of the game was the GW and Tallon Kramer had the win in net with 20 saves giving BV a 1-0 series lead. GFBB Anthony Galliart gave the Bruins a chance by stopping 39 of 42.

Kelowna 3 @ Summerland 2
Jason Village scored the GW with 2:10 left in the third, Brett Witala had 1G 1A  and Tanner Marshall had the win in net stopping 23. Kelowna takes a 1-0 series lead. 240 at the game.

North Oak 1 @ Osoyoos 8
Ryan Roseboom and Colin Bell each scored 2 and the Coyotes outshot Oak 54-18 to take a 1-0 series lead. 360 at the game.

Columbia Valley 1 @ Creston 5
Five Cat's score and Thomas Cankovic had 3 A and Creston takes a 1-0 series lead in front of 439 fans. Brock Lefebvre stopped 31 in the Creston net. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Round the League, well half the league anyway

The PO matchups from our division are here, the other side from the Okanagan didn't want to play games in our division this year, at least the majority of them didn't, so I have no idea how they will do...  the numbers say Osoyoos, Summerland and Chase may win, but remember last year, no one I know was picking 100.

Fernie vs Kimberley

Last year in game one the Riders were blasted 6-0 by the Dynamiters, after that game the coaches convinced the boys to play a lot more physical and from then on it was much closer, but they still lost in five. I believe the lesson was learned... but we'll find out in the next week or so.

Both teams won 4 games this year and one of them even featured a line brawl that resulted in a few suspensions. So I expect some fan friendly action coming up.

Kimberley had an easier time scoring this year and have a better GAA but to me it is a 50/50 series, the Riders could even win 4 straight, or the opposite... who want's it more is the question... Kimbo is not as good as last season and Fernie is a little better equipped to win this season... but they sure could use a couple of D men back from the injury list.

That being said, first year HC Derek Stuart has done a great job of recruiting after losing the heart of his team last summer, I'd even consider him for Coach of the Year, if I had a vote,  Creston's Jeff Dubois  had a huge recruiting advantage being the Cyclone Taylor host and finished first, so he'll probably get the votes, and it will be well deserved.

Creston vs Invermere

The CVT just finished up the season with a pair of wins over CVR and only lost 1 game to them all year. The Rockies have played better lately but the numbers and a healthy Brock Lefebvre just scream Creston, maybe even in 4

Beaver Valley vs Grand Forks

The Hawks had a 16 game streak going then lost two in a row to Kimberley and Fernie. But like Creston the Hawks are a first place team, (first overall), and will probably roll over the Bruins quickly, plus they have Tallon Kramer in net, he had the best numbers for a goalie when you consider the number of games he played. The Bruins Brady Berger and Dylan Haney and BV's  Sam Swanson are all suspended to open the series but the Hawks are deeper  and will absorb that better than GFBB.

All you mathematicians can add this up, but remember the Bruins won a game and tied a game and went into OT as well.

Castlegar vs Nelson

Nelson, who are on a 3 game win streak were here in Fernie a few games ago so I got a look at them for the first time this season. They came back from the dead earlier in the season after trading I think 9 guys or something  and have enough good players to surprise the Rebels... but they take too many PIM. They will start the series with three guys out with suspensions.

Meanwhile the Rebels who are on a 6 game win streak got away with one when their goalie Chandler Billinghurst speared a Bruin player (Grambo) in the face last Friday... the video was all over Twitter... There was no suspension... incredibly...

The Rebels also have top scorers  John Moller and  Logan Styler who won the KIJHL scoring title with 80 points and they beat the Leafs 6 times this year... Math geniuses say it adds up to a Rebels, BV Murdoch final.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Riders end the season with a W

Riders end the season on a 2 game win streak.
Keelan Saworski (1G1A) scored the tying goal with just 1:04 left in the third on the PP then Ryan Kennedy, who sat out the last half of the third with a misconduct came back refreshed and skated around a Hawk D-man scoring the game winner with 1:48 left in the first OT.
Aidan Wilson scored the first goal also on the PP. Both Brendan Hendersonand Brandon Youngson shared the duties in net.
A fairly chippy game at times for a game that meant nothing to either team in the standings... I think this means the Kimberley series is gonna feature some harsh stuff... fun for the whole prison camp

GAME 1 Friday Feb 24 @ Kimberley
GAME 2 Saturday Feb 25 @ Kimberley
GAME 3 Monday Feb 27 @ Fernie
GAME 4 Tuesday Feb 28 @ Fernie 

GAME 5 Thursday Mar 2 @ Kimberley
GAME 6 Friday Mar 3 @ Fernie
GAME 7 Saturday Mar 4 @ Kimberley

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Riders play Nelson Saturday Feb 11th and some KIJHL Math Lessons

The Riders shutout Spokane 4-0 last night. 

Brandon Youngson had the shutout stopping 17 shots and Keelan Saworski and Tayler Sincennes each finished with 1G 1A . Aidan Wilson and Alex Cheveldave scored the other goals and the shots ended up 49-17.

Brave goalie JJ Pichette was their Player Of The Game honourable mention to Youngson who although only had 17 shots still played a perfect game...
Keelan Saworski was the Riders POG

Alex Cheveldave picked up a head contact penalty... and at this time of the year you have to count the HC penalties as they are cumulative and the third one means a 2 game suspension. The on line game sheets are not always accurate but if they are Cheveldave will miss two games per Sept 17 and Dec 2nd head shot calls...at least that's the way I read the Jr B supplement, but as you know I've been wrong before 

Spokane's Mason Jones will also miss some time for a fight, aggressor and instigator set of calls at the end of the game. 

KIJHL Algebra (like I know what that is)

The Riders play Nelson Tonight Feb 11th. This is the third time this year they have played Nelson, so far Fernie has won both games, 3-2 in November and 5-3 in January.

Nelson with 41 points and 3 games left is battling it out with Grand Forks who have 46 points and 3 games left for third place in their division. Nelson who are on a 4 game losing streak still has a mathematical chance for 3rd, but they'll need help and lots of it.

The Leafs didn't 't help their cause last night losing 5-3 in Invermere, but at the same time the Forks lost 8-6 in Castlegar. This is important as the fourth place team faces the always powerful Beaver Valley Nitehawks who have 37-4 record. Certain death for one of these two teams. The Bruins, in an odd quirk in the schedule, play three home games to end the season, they get Castlegar again tonight then again next Friday only to finish the season  against Nelson  on the 18th, the last game of the season. 

Nelson has three road games left, they're in Fernie tonight then Spokane on the 17th and GFBB on the 18th. The odds are overwhelmingly in favour of the Bruins... but you never know till you play em...

The only other races in the league are between 100 Mile with 54 and Kamloops with 49 points, 100 has 4 games left and the Storm have 3,the odds are with Duner and his Wranglers who have Sicamous with just 10 wins on the year at home twice, then they go to Revelstoke and finish up at home against the first place Chase Heat.

North Oakangan and Princeton each have 30 points, but Oak has a game in hand... the winner faces Osoyoos with 71 points, 3 ahead of Creston, that is sort of important because Creston could play the Coyotes in the KI final, and home ice would be important... but not the end of the world as Creston is the Cyclone host and both teams would get in anyway. Lots of things would have to happen for that, but it's possible.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Riders have two games this weekend. Spokane and Nelson

The Ghostriders play the Spokane Braves Friday , earlier in October the Riders played two games against the Braves winning 5-4 in Spokane and 5-0 here in Fernie, this is the final time we will see Spokane this season.

The Braves will miss the playoffs this season, after last weekend they had an 8-34 record. Spokane has not won many games but they have a few players that fans will want to see. Their top scorer is 17 year old top prospect Carter Jones with 58 points, his older brother Mason is second in team scoring with 38 points. Spokane also has a few more top prospects in Luke Gallagher who is a 16 year old D man with21 points, Trail Thomson, a 17 year old F with 29 points and Andrew Clark a 17 year old D with 13 points. They're all from Washington. Also 
 in in case you were wondering, Spokane has been in the KIJHL since 1972.

The Riders play Nelson on Saturday for the  third time this year. So far Fernie has won both games, 3-2 in November and 5-3 in January.

Nelson is battling it out with Grand Forks for third place and a date with Castlegar in the playoffs, the fourth place team faces the always powerful Beaver Valley Nitehawks who have 37-4 record. The Hawks are here in Fernie Sunday February 19th in the Riders last regular season game.

More Leaf stuff...You don’t see this very often, the Leafs have successfully appealed through BC Hockey the suspensions of two players and won. Usually when the stick in the mud's from BC H get involved... they add not subtract games.  Anyway, this time with some different BCH bosses at the helm former Nitro Sawyer Hunt had his suspension reduced to one game from three and Dale Howell's suspension dropped from six to two. 

Nelson, like the Riders who lost  Brandon Butler, lost their #1 goalie Billy Gorn to an injury and he is not expected to play again this season.

The Riders with just 16 skaters due to suspensions and injuries lost a back and forth game in Kimberley last weekend by a 7-6 score. Mitch Titus, Justin Peers, Riley Siebel and Alex Cheveldave had the Riders up 4-2 early in the third but then Kimberley scored 4 in a row for a 6-4 lead. Then the Rider’s Keelan Saworski and Tayler Sincennes scored to tie the game at 6 only to lose 7-6 when the Nitro’s scored in the last two minutes of the game. Both Mitch Titus and Justin Peers had 4 point nights in that game.

The next night here in Fernie Creston went into the third with a 3-2 lead and scored in the last second for a 4-2 win clinching 1st in the Eddie Mountain Division. The Riders played a pretty good game outshooting the Cats 39-22 and for the most part kept them well away from goalie Brandon Youngson. Ben Shushkovski and Ryan Kennedy scored the Rider goals and CVT's Grant Iles had the GW. Brock Lefebvre had the W in net for CVT.
Creston, still broke out of their end and flew down the ice like a first place team but they had trouble generating their usual number of hi % scoring chances... that they must normally  get to have scored their lead leading  211 goals. 

For the record, Creston was +100 but lost 3-2 the other night at home to the Beaver Valley Nitehawks who, clinched first overall with that win and are now +111 (Goals for minus against)

It is official now, the Ghostriders are going to play the Kimberley Dynamiters in the first round of the playoffs here are the dates

GAME 1 Friday Feb 24 @ Kimberley
GAME 2 Saturday Feb 25 @ Kimberley
GAME 3 Monday Feb 27 @ Fernie
GAME 4 Tuesday Feb 28 @ Fernie 

GAME 5 Thursday Mar 2 @ Kimberley
GAME 6 Friday Mar 3 @ Fernie
GAME 7 Saturday Mar 4 @ Kimberley

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ghostrider Notes and some other "Mild" stuff (sorry fellow muckrakers)

Ghostrider Notebook

Well the big story this week is: Injuries.

The Riders now have 5 players out of the lineup and three of them are  defensemen, Keagan Kingwell, Kevin Pierce and Kyle Haugo are all out and may not be back until the playoffs, which by the way start on or about Friday February 24th. Forwards Evan Traverse and Brendan Nemes are both out as well but Traverse is a possible for the weekend.

Kingwell had been on a run lately scoring 5 goals in his last four games, but it was in the last game in Grand Forks where he and Haugo and B Nemes got hurt. Coach Craig Mohr says the guys were not hurt by  cheap shots but it was a “hard nosed” game. 

Team Captain Alex Cheveldave was named as the Riders Boston Pizza Player of the Month for January, Cheveldave has 14G 21A and has easily been the Riders most consistent player both defensively and points wise plus he has played in every game despite fighting off the usual injuries D men pick up in the battle zone. 

Aidan Wilson had 4 assists in the Kimberley game last Thursday, Keelan Saworski had 2G 1A and Brendan Nemes had 1G 1A . Brendan Henderson had the win in net.

In Nelson Keagan Kingwell scored 3 goals and had an assist and Alex Cheveldave had 1G 2A, that pairing has been effective but has been broken up with the Kingwell injury.

In Grand Forks the Riders had a 3-2 lead but as HC Mohr says we made "two mistakes" and the Bruins scored two perfect shot goals for the win. Justin Peers had 1G 1A in that game. 
In other newsaccording to this story here the WHL has made two schedules, one with the Kootenay Ice in Cranbrook and another with them in Nanaimo. They would not do that if it wasn't a real possibility... this time the rumours that we’ve heard for the last 10 years could actually be true. 

The story above says if Nanaimo votes to build a new arena on March 11th the Ice will move there for next season. Just like they did when they moved from Edmonton to Cranbrook the Ice will play out of a small arena until the new one is built. 

Another story also has the Clippers moving to Campbell River displacing the Jr B Storm. 

So my questions are.
1/ Can the River actually support a BCHL team.
2/ Where will the Storm go.
3/ Will the KIJHL go back to Cranbrook, with their
KIJHL history would they  (I'm just speculating here, no facts) get fast tracked.
4/ Or, and the Nanaimo bosses must have pondered this, would the Clippers move to Cranbrook and play in that great arena. The BCHL may not like that idea because of travel but it must have been at least looked at by both Cranbrook and Nanaimo.

And finally, and this is a beauty... According to a decision in the case that was unsealed late Monday, the league wrote in court documents that former NHL players like Larson who are suing the league are “mere puppets” who “certainly would not have had the mental faculties to write lucid and sophisticated op-eds for publications.”
Ha- Donald Fehr will rub that one in the NHL's face at some point in the future... and so now you know what the NHL really thinks of their puppets I mean  players.