Tuesday, 16 May 2017

To all first time KIJHL Players

Stuff first time players should know

To any new players coming up to the KIJHL. Hockey Canada has a big hole in their carding system now, and behind the scenes there is a motion in to fix it. But it may not be in time.

The problem is Hockey Canada  has an electronic carding system and that means a player can be carded without his actual signature. This is a major flaw in the system for first time players and until they make is so a player and parent has to physically sign... things could go sideways. And here's how...

Some teams have been asking first time players to sign some sort of a commitment letter. Be aware that this could make it so a GM thinks he has the right to  automatically sign you when he gets his cards June 1st.  You may be happy with that... but if your not.

All players should know that they are total FREE AGENTS until they are on a HC Player Card card. No matter what you sign before hand , you are free to go and get what is best for you. If you want out of any commitment letter it is your right and BC Hockey will back you. The water could get murky after June 1st...  All honest GM's will call you and tell you they're going to put you on a card and if you don't want to be on their card it is your right.

And why sign a commitment letter anyway... what are you thinking, the team is trying to keep you away from all the other teams,  it is your right to talk to anyone you want to until your on a proper card. If your good enough, they will call after June 1st and right up to September.

# Things you should know 
 Have a great summer.

Some Rider Player news

The Ghostriders moved F  Nolan Lagace's playing rights to 100 Mile for the rights to D man  Brent Headon    who was in Nelson last season but was moved to 100 as part of the Alex Meeker  trade made last year.

Anyway, Lagace who will play as a 20 may not end up in 100 and may end up in Alberta before next season, and if he does he can play as a 21 year old next year in that league. Yes they can have a couple of 21's.

 And Headon who will turn 19 shortly may or may not end up in Fernie because of work but Coach Craig Mohr is sure hoping he comes here as large D men are always a welcome sight here in Fernie.

The Riders have also acquired F  Jace Woodley  a 20 year old from Sicamous for a player development fee   

I'm told goalie Brandon Butler had successful knee surgery and is now planning to attend SAIT next season. It's hard to tell if he will try out for the Trojans right after surgery, but it's possible. SAIT coach Dan Olsen  who was a Pass Timberwolf HC and GM  a few years ago was an excellent judge of goalies when he was in the Pass bringing in a few guys who went on to play a much higher levels.

Evan Traverse and Ryan Kennedy are going to UBC Okanagan, but I think they are just going to school.

Alex Cheveldave may end up in New York at a Div 111 school, he will definitely be playing hockey there.

Ben Shushkovski is also going to school and that makes two large D men the Riders will be without next season.

Coach Mohr has been actively recruiting and has a few players who may come here if they don't make junior A. As we find out more we'll post the info.