Tuesday, 16 May 2017

To all first time KIJHL Players

Stuff first time players should know

To any new players coming up to the KIJHL. Hockey Canada has a big hole in their carding system now, and behind the scenes there is a motion in to fix it. But it may not be in time.

The problem is Hockey Canada  has an electronic carding system and that means a player can be carded without his actual signature. This is a major flaw in the system for first time players and until they make is so a player and parent has to physically sign... things could go sideways. And here's how...

Some teams have been asking first time players to sign some sort of a commitment letter. Be aware that this could make it so a GM thinks he has the right to  automatically sign you when he gets his cards June 1st.  You may be happy with that... but if your not.

All players should know that they are total FREE AGENTS until they are on a HC Player Card card. No matter what you sign before hand , you are free to go and get what is best for you. If you want out of any commitment letter it is your right and BC Hockey will back you. The water could get murky after June 1st...  All honest GM's will call you and tell you they're going to put you on a card and if you don't want to be on their card it is your right.

And why sign a commitment letter anyway... what are you thinking, the team is trying to keep you away from all the other teams,  it is your right to talk to anyone you want to until your on a proper card. If your good enough, they will call after June 1st and right up to September.

# Things you should know 
 Have a great summer.

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  1. The other thing players should know is that some Hockey Canada Branches will not process an association transfer request without a written consent from the player to transfer. These association transfers will be requested as soon as HCR goes live in June 1st. Hockey Alberta is one branch that normally seeks a written consent to transfer from the player before they will process it. This written consent is an agreement to report and play for the team seeking the transfer. Speaking for my own team - this is why we offer players a two way commitment and explain we cannot process their transfer until June 1st. At that point we will use the signed letter to request their transfer. Once transferred a player can be carded, and will be unless they are trying out for a Jnr A team, where normally we would wait to see if they stick at that level or not. If not, they will then be carded by our team
    We see this as an open and transparent manner in which to recruit players and offer assurance to them and their families that they have secured a spot to play with the team that they have chosen to play with. Hockey Canada's electronic system does not offer this until June 1.
    Our Coaches and scouts doing their work and meeting with prospects and families explain this in detail - We as a team, and our prospects believe this to be best practice during recruitment.