Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Riders play Summerland this Saturday, and the usual stuff..

The Summerland Steam are here Saturday night at 7:30 for their one and only visit to the Fernie Memorial this year. The Riders played their crossover game in Summerland on September 21st but lost 3-1. It was a bit of a tough schedule as it was the Riders third game in 3 days… on opening weekend.

Both Fernie and Summerland had identical 5-1 records after last weekend and both teams have scored more goals than they have allowed. Summerland is a +17 while Fernie sits at +14. The Steam won both of their games last weekend in a home and home with North Okanagan. 3-1 on the road and 6-1 at home. They are in Kimberley Friday night, knock your selves out boys.

The Ghostriders won both of their games last weekend with convincing 5-1 and 6-3 wins.  The 5-1 win was on the road in Invermere where they scored four in the first then bared the door the rest of the way.

The Ghostriders defeated Golden 6-3 in their home opener last Saturday. Goalie Jeff Orser only saw 26 shots but had to be pretty sharp on a few them. The Riders led for most of the game but it was closer than it probably should have been considering some of the unfinished great chances and 37 shots they had. The Riders get to play in Golden on Friday.

Ghostrider Notebook
Although the Rockies haven’t won a game they still managed to equal the Riders in shots at 31. Is that a bit of a red flag ? Or did the Riders back off a bit when ahead 4-1 at the end of the first. I think the pressure was off… Anyway, Brandon Butler with a .950 save % got his second win of the year in the Rider net in that game.

David Kelly was the Coaches Practice Player of the Week. He’s coming along just fine this season after breaking his leg last year and missing the last half of the season.

Josh McCulloch scored 3 goals last weekend and now leads the Riders in scoring with 5 goals and 7 points in 6 games. That should help his confidence, which is a big part of the game. The next two players may have gotten some of the same last week as well.

Joel Burgess got off to a bit of a slow start this year but had 3 goals last week; he also has 24 in your face PIM.

Assistant captain Aaron Neufeld led the team in scoring last season and was the coaches pick for Player of the Week. Aaron had his first 3 points in Invermere, can he keep it up is the question all the fans are asking. 
And hasn’t Zak Kutchler been a nice surprise since coming here a few games into the season, good all around D.

 Quietly sneaking up the scoring list is Justin Peers who is playing at a point a game clip and was the finisher of the next story.

Cole Keebler was a point a game player last year before succumbing to a season ending injury that required surgery to fix, he had 3 points in his first 2 games since being allowed to play again and was part of the three way passing play on the Peers goal along with Cavin Tilsley (98) that was the goal of the week vs Golden. I can never see enough of goals like that !

 Colby Burns was traded to Sicamous where their GM really wanted him…he should get more ice time than he was getting in Fernie. Aidan Geiger was outright released last week but moves well enough that he should show up somewhere? He’s got family in Kimbo and his father even played there at one time… but coach Bancks seems to be set at the forward position having scored 28 goals, hey wait a minute… Osoyoos has 43….

 Coach Mohr says new Calgary defenseman/ forward Evan Reid could not get carded last week but should be ready for the games this weekend. F#$%&* CMH is what I think I heard… reading between the lines…even at my grade 6 level

Coach Mohr also tells me that 16 yr old Kyle Haugo (above) has made the team and is here for the rest of the year now…Buy a house Kyle.

The Riders had 3 unassisted goals vs Golden but they pass the puck well and don’t seem to play as individuals. Credit to coach Craig Mohr for not chiseling assists after the game, not all coaches are so honest. I can hear all the top scorers in the league howling…whaaaaad u #$#@n mean unassisted ?

 About 250 fans showed up for the Ford Drive One 4UR Community, that could turn into $4500 when the final count comes in. Yeah not bad, thanks Players and Ford.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Riders win 6-3

Joel Burgess scores a couple of goals for the Riders and hit a post in Fernie's 6-3 win. Jeff Orser had to make some big saves even though the Riders had a 37-26 shot advantage.and Justin Peers from  Cavin Tilsley and Cole Keebler scored the goal of the night in the third  on a  very nice three way passing play. Keebler also had an unassisted G as well and has 3 points in his first 2 games back after an injury last season. Sam Plaquin also made a few smart  big time plays but ended up with no points. There were 430 at the game.

Derek Georgopoulos  scored his 3rd of the yr and Josh McCulloch scored his 5th in 6 games and leads the Riders in scoring with 7 pts. Three of the Rider's goals were unassisted goals. Here's a new word guys "chisel " learn it lmfo

Ian Desrosier scored a SH goal in the first and another to start the third for Golden. Rocket 16 yr olds did all right, #3 Alex Astasiewicz D won't be in this league next yr and #20 Spencer Gerth got in a fight with Travis Thomsen 

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team logoteam logo
Golden Rockets@Fernie Ghostriders
Golden Rockets1023
Fernie Ghostriders1236
Golden Rockets761326
Fernie Ghostriders11141237
Golden Rockets0 for 5 (00.0%)
Fernie Ghostriders0 for 3 (00.0%)
GAME DATESep. 27, 2014
LOCATIONFernie Memorial Arena 
REFEREE 1Dwight Kerkhoven
LINESMAN 1Cydnie Rice
LINESMAN 2Keith King
Fernie Ghostriders
Joel Burgess
Golden Rockets
Braeden Allkins
Golden Rockets at 5:55 (SH) Ian Desrosier from  Cole Mckechney 
Fernie Ghostriders at 1:44 Josh McCulloch (unassisted)
Fernie Ghostriders at 14:43 Joel Burgess from  cavin tilsley 
Fernie Ghostriders at 4:59 Cole Keebler (unassisted)
Golden Rockets at 18:59 Ian Desrosier from  Daniel Dahlin 
Fernie Ghostriders at 14:57 Derek Georgopoulos (unassisted)
Golden Rockets at 13:15 Nic Noseworthy from  Zack Finlay and Nick Hoobanoff 
Fernie Ghostriders at 6:23 Justin Peers from  cavin tilsley and Cole Keebler 
Fernie Ghostriders at 0:03 (EN)Joel Burgess (unassisted)
Golden Rockets at 09:59 - Brennan Fuoco for Boarding (2 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 06:08 - Sean Ripley for Delay of game (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 1:07 - Dylan Robertson for Elbowing (2 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 01:22 - Cole Mckechney for Hooking (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 00:54 - Joel Burgess for Roughing After The Whistle (2 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 00:54 - Brennan Fuoco for Roughing After The Whistle (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 14:42 - Travis Thomsen for Fighting (5 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 14:42 - Travis Thomsen for Game Misconduct 
Golden Rockets at 14:22 - Spencer Gerth for Fighting (5 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 14:22 - Spencer Gerth for Game Misconduct 
Fernie Ghostriders at 13:06 - Sam Plaquin for Roughing (2 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 13:06 - Chase Rainville for Roughing (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 10:36 - Dylan Robertson for Charging (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 04:37 - cavin tilsley for Tripping (2 Min.)
Fernie Ghostriders at 00:24 - Matthew Pronchuk for Roughing (2 Min.)
Golden Rockets at 00:24 - Nick Hoobanoff for Roughing (2 Min.)
3Alex Astasiewicz 000E00
4Travis Kelley 000E00
6Cole Mckechney 011E02
8Nick Hoobanoff 011E02
9Ian Desrosier 202E00
10Tanner Wit 000E00
11Brennan Fuoco 000E04
12Zack Finlay 011E00
16Braeden Allkins 000E00
17Daniel Dahlin 011E00
18Linden Dykens 000E00
19Tre Mason 000E00
20Spencer Gerth 000E05
21Riley Barnes 000E00
23Austin Pultz 000E00
25Sean Ripley 000E02
28Nic Noseworthy 101E00
29Ryan Turner 000E00
35Magnus Viberg (L)58:593631
1Mitchell Privett (Backup)0:0000
2Tyler Rebelato 000E00
3Dylan Robertson 000E04
4Sam Plaquin 000E02
5Travis Thomsen 000E05
6Kyle Haugo 000E00
7Joel Burgess 202E02
8Josh McCulloch 101E00
9Kale Johnston 000E00
10Derek Georgopoulos 101E00
17David Kelly 000E00
20Zak Kuchler 000E00
21Justin Peers 101E00
22Aaron Neufeld 000E00
23Matthew Pronchuk 000E02
24Dustin Watt 000E00
25Cole Keebler 112E00
26Tayler Sincennes 000E00
27cavin tilsley 022E02
1Jeff Orser (W)60:002623
30Brandon Butler (Backup) 0:0000