Friday, 5 June 2015

Money Money Money

Well if you missed it, the Washington based Wenatchee Wild just paid 1.2 Million to become the 17th BCHL team. I wonder what kind of attendance a team needs to pay down that kind of debt. The Wild fans who showed up at the press conference were not impressed when they were told there is no fighting in the BCHL either. 

“They had a luncheon outside with pulled pork sandwiches and we answered questions for about two and a half hours. The biggest concern from the fans was, ‘Whaddya mean there’s no fighting?’ When we told them you were ejected for one fight, they weren’t too happy about that either.” Read Kevin Mitchell's story here

So each BCHL team gets about $75,000 each in expansion fees, it may be enough to carry them for a few months in that league.

The Wild will probably make it in the BCHL, after all they survived in the NAHL for the last several years where their shortest road trip was 2,700 KM. If you can pay those travel costs you should be OK in the BCHL. For the record, the Ghostriders played 1 season in the aforementioned NAHL but the extreme travel to places like Chicago, Minnesota North Dakota etc made it impossible to stay in that Jr "A" Circuit .

In other news, our neighbours, the Kootenay Ice, are in trouble because of low attendance.
WHL President Robison “It’s reached a very critical stage. I think it’s something we’re going to have to determine this year. If things aren’t improving, I don’t believe ownership or the league will be in a position to continue to support the franchise remaining in Cranbrook. It’s a very critical season coming up. We need to see more support in order to get us to a position where we have confidence in the market moving forward, but at this stage, we’re very concerned about the future of the franchise.

Read Taylor Rocca's story here

We have heard the "Were Movin" stories for years now, is this the final straw ? If they do move what happens to their great rink... Will someone pay 1.2 million for a BCHL franchise... The KIJHL... in that $20 something million dollar rink .... would be a travesty for the people of Cranbrook.

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