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The KIJHL season is officially over... Senior Citizens,Swords,Sheriffs Montezuma how to fix stuff

The Wins Keep on Coming

Another KIJHL season has now come to an end with the 100 Mile House Wranglers being crowned the Western Canadian Champions. The Wranglers won the  KI by defeating Kimberley 4 games to 1, the Cyclone Taylor Gold Medal by defeating the undefeated Victoria Cougars 5-4 and the Keystone Cup by defeating another undefeated team, the AGI Quakers, 3-2 in OT.

Senior Citizens 
As usual the other B Leagues are allowed many more older players and Saskatchewan's AGI  Quakers were no exception, they had 2- 21 yr olds,  8-20's a few 19 yr olds’s along with a smattering of 18 year old's... imagine their surprise when they found out they were at the Keystone and not the Allen Cup...

It's hard to win a championship.
Congratulations to former Rider Head Coach and GM Dale Hladun, better known as Duner, on winning everything. 

Victoria's Secret
After the Cyclone was over this Tweet came out from the Victoria Cougars... it said  something that is apparently not universally agreed on.  "The team that defeats you deserves your respect. Period. Cougar nation is cheering on the 100 Mile House Wranglers. Keep that Cup in BC.

Oh When the Saints Come Marching In
Also after the Cyclone a newspaper story came out where Kimberley HC Jerry Bancks, in a thinly veiled attack on the Wranglers winning style of hard hits and finish your checks hockey, chimed in with a few disparaging remarks about the league after it allowed someone else to win. Below is the gist of the article, and the link to the full article is HERE

I would like to see the league get rid of some of the things that exist in it.
It's sometimes thought as a greasy league and not as developmental as is should be.
There are some people in the league who are more into using intimidation, taking advantage of one official on the ice who may be overwhelmed in a certain situation. 
Kids don't come because they want to get injured.
I'm proud of the fact we had success playing the right way.

Anyway, you get the point... he hates to lose.

So I showed that article to the Sheriff of Wrangler nation and he had this to say... but didn't go as far as to send out the Posse.
1/ Only one team had suspension majors in our series, wasn't the Wranglers.
2/ Only one team got unsportsmanlike PIM's for making a mockery of play by diving, wasn't the Wranglers.
3/ Only one team's bench continually called officials over to chat, wasn't the Wranglers.

From a Rider standpoint there was a game in December where two players ended up with uncalled broken fingers, wasn't the Nitro's. One player missed several games with an uncalled head shot resulting in a concussion, wasn't the Nitro's... there is much more, by both sides, but you get the idea.

Live by the Sword ... 
 Bancks also had his own wrecking ball, Brody Buhler in the lineup. If his charges weren't intimidation I don't know what is. (But I woulda loved him in a Rider uni just the same). Buhler got hurt in the playoffs and his intimidation (that's what it is called if the other team does it)  was missed way more than the 8 points he brought to the party.

 Was it...Montezuma's  Revenge
Back when Duner was in Fernie he brought in Goalie Phoenix Logan Hill, he was injured with a concussion after being intentionally run by Nitro Dallin Wolff (read the 3rd period PIM's click here) who had 36 points and 397 PIM in 128 games.  

All that being said Jerry Bancks was a great coach and has been around the Dynamiters as long as I can remember, even back in the old RMJHL days when he took over a sputtering Nirto's squad mid season and made a good team out of them. Anyway Bancks is retiring and Kimberley will have a huge hole to fill especially considering he was giving them the home town discount and the new guy will likely be in the $40,000 dollar range. They also lost assistant coach and former Nitro standout Jeff Keiver, GM Mike Reid (Cranbrook AA Midget) and Chad Koran who was President.

Next up is the KIJHL AGM in June but in a couple of weeks they will have a little pre game meeting (pre game nap ?) to decide what exactly they will be voting on in June. One of the things is the cost of the aforementioned Keystone Cup.

 For the Cyclone tournament the lion's share of costs are covered. When Fernie hosted it a few years ago the teams, referees and the vultures from BC Hockey all had their  hotels and meals supplied. But the Keystone is a different animal and the Wranglers expenses were around $30,000... if you win you lose so to speak so I'm sure there will be some interesting discussion on that topic. Read about 100's expenses here 

And finally ... it looks like longtime HC and GM Terry Jones is leaving the Nitehawks. Here is the press release.

Kootenay Ice and Wild Announce General Managers
Friday, April 15, 2016
The BC Major Midget League (MML) Kootenay Ice and Female Midget AAA League (FMAAA) announced their general managers for the 2016-2017 season.  Terry Jones (Montrose) is joining the Ice, and Dara Waterstreet (Fruitvale) will work with the Wild.

Jones, a vice principal, has held numerous hockey positions including his most recent job as general manager and head coach of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL), Beaver Valley Nitehawks.  During his time with the Nitehawks, the team has captured a Western Canadian Championship, three (3) Cyclone Taylor Championships, seven (7) KIJHL Championships and has appeared in the league final 11 times.

Waterstreet, a teacher, has been involved with minor hockey and BC Hockey for over five (5) years.  Since then, she has held numerous positions within her Minor Hockey Association (MHA) including: registrar, tournament coordinator, vice president and female director.  Dara has worked with BC Hockey in female development, primarily working with the FMAAA as an educational advisor and team manager for the Wild (previously Wildcats).

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