Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The KIJHL AGM Hi Lites

Fifth year Fernie Ghostrider President Barb Anderson and Head Coach and GM Craig Mohr went to Kamloops June 9-10-11 for the KIJHL AGM. Here are a few of the hi lights of that meeting that fans should be interested in.

First of all we will have a 47 game schedule and there will be no crossovers again this year, meaning that we will not see any teams from the  Okanagan. This will be the second season of a cost saving experiment that worked for most teams but not for all. 

I hate not seeing teams like Osoyoos and Summerland but I like the 47 vs 52 game schedule. I believe the volunteers get  burned out by game 40 or so… but get rejuvenated when the playoffs start. I'm bettin on 52 games in 2018-19 though.

The KIJHL and the other two junior B leagues in BC have opted out of the Keystone Cup for various reasons but travel costs are number 1. Personally after the Cyclone Taylor Cup I could care less about the Keystone and their two games a day tournament. Anyway if you want to know more Read Beaver Valley’s $50,000 something account of their trip to the  Keystone by clicking here... it's not pretty 

The KIJHL’s Bill Ohlhausen is back for his 16th year as President… a sometimes thankless job that occasionally sees him take a beating from some of the GM’s and Governors whenever team discipline is handed out. They actually should thank him...

The KIJHL will also go back to a 7 game vs 5 game semi and final series’. Seems more traditional to me but the 5 games was not the end of the world IMO.

The league will shutdown in mid January for the Prospects Game. Last year was a trial for the PG so the schedulers fit it in but several teams had to play games with out their top prospects creating howls of protest in the background. But it all worked out for the better and it’s a go for this season. 

Going full face protection was talked about but rejected. See the previous post...someday it will get mandated. 

There is still interest from Quesnell and Williams Lake to join the KIJHL. It will happen sooner than later if you ask me and two powerful franchises will be created. Too bad with no crossovers we will never see them. I only hope teams move there vs expansion.

And finally, some Governors have been saying that it's looking like all the teams in the league are starting to get on the same page... this can only mean good things  for the fans.


  1. Curious, Just read a post from the North Battleford Stars. They mention that their trip to the Western Canada Cup in Penticton BC cost them $10K - Beaver Valley Night Hawks trip to Manitoba for the Keystone Cup cost them over $40K. Does this mean WCC pays for Teams Hotel rooms & Meals?? Travel from North Battleford SK - Penticton, BC vs Fruitvale BC - Arborg, MB fairly similar?
    James Sinclair

  2. Also remember 100 Mile House had approx $25K debt going to the Keystone Cup last year.