Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Fair Comment ?

So on Monday night I saw a comment (since removed ) on a Facebook story I posted that said the Ghostriders need to change their Coach because he made Mitch Titus Captain. Even though Mitch is a 3rd year player with great character who unlike the commenter even holds a job during the season. 

Also the commenter said President Barb Anderson needs to go bye bye because she  is the worst Ghostrider President ever.

Ok so first off... the Rider's HC Craig Mohr is a paid employee, therefore he is fair game and he as much as admitted that to me  when I talked to him Tuesday AM. But firing him for announcing a Captain before the season starts ? This is pretty standard in the KIJHL and just off the top of my head I can tell you that the Rockies, Kelowna and Creston have all announced their Captains, so just like the National Enquirer who checks and re checks their facts... 

Now as for team President Barb Anderson, who is a volunteer, this attack is an insult. The job is hugely demanding and time consuming and most of the organizing goes on behind the scenes, so Facebook trolls never really  know how much work goes into it. Add on the fact that the President is dealing with serious medical issues and a recently deceased spouse and you can see how cheap the comments were. The fans should actually thank her for doing the job, not fire her... because as you will see in the next paragraph, no one else will do it.

OK so pay attention, this is on the test, anyone can be President, all you have to do is come to the AGM in the spring and bring a friend, if you have one, and get yourself nominated. If you bring twenty friends  (I know that is a stretch) you can stack the meeting guaranteeing a win and the prestigious President's job... so prestigious that we haven't had an election in 20 something years... see cause everyone else knows how much work it is.

Well you get the point, that's all for now, see you at the rink.


  1. As always, if you feel you are educated enough to comment on how the jobs should be done and go as far as to say that somebody shouldn't have the job, feel free to apply. Put your money where your mouth is. Who knows, maybe you are the next greatest coach or GM the Ghostriders will ever have but if your best effort is to make your intelligence known on Facebook I'd guess you probably aren't. So, like our parents and their parents used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say......"

  2. If they new what these two people. Go above and beyond all the on there time I would like to see whom ever do 1 hour in barb or morseys place and the work they do behind show up to a meeting and share thoughts because you lead a very sad life sayin stuff about theses two people............ Must be one of fernies finest.