Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Rider update Dec 20th

The Ghostriders play the Creston Valley Thunder Cats Friday in Sparwood. 

Creston is in second place with 39 points and Friday’s game is their last game until New Year’s Eve when they host the Ghostriders for their annual New Year’s Eve game in Creston. 

Creston lost 2-0 in Kimberley and won 7-1 against Golden last weekend. They also play in Castlegar, who are on a 10 game win streak tonight.

The Ghostriders lost 7-2 in Creston then with 14 skaters they won 5-4 in Golden last Saturday. Grayson Neufeld had 2 goals and an assist while Ethan Jang, Devyn Stuart (1G2A) and Ryan Partaker with the game winner each had a goal. Partaker and Mitch Titus scored the goals in Creston. 

Geoff Drought had the win in net as well... sorry I was late with that Geoff

Ghostrider Notebook.
After a 6 point weekend two weeks ago Brendan Nemes got hurt last week and now 2/3 of the first line in out until after Christmas.

 D-Man Kyle Haugo broke his elbow and it requires surgery so he is finished for the season. Good luck in surgery Kyle.

Matt Rogers, Shaun Pierce, Derek Green, Cory Caldwell, Greg Susinski and the flu bug are all questionable for Friday’s game.

GM Craig Mohr brought in D- Matt Cooper from Castlegar and F-Ben Kemp from Grand Forks last week. With all the injuries there are some holes to fill.

The coaches hate a short lineup... but the players who don’t usually get a lot of ice think differently...

We hear there is some push back from the KIJHL teams regarding the full face mask ruling for next season. But I don’t think Barry Putthefacemasksona'chenko (is that really how you spell it) will waver.

Come on Hockey Canada, either veto it or make everyone across the country, including Jr A   do it... and not the WHL cause we know the CHL would  tell you where to go and which orfice to use to get there.

The next Rider action after Christmas is December 28th in Kimberley, it is a radio broadcast game with Josh Hoffman at the mike and then on December 29th Kimberley is here in Sparwood. 

In other news... 
Quesnel has re-submitted their bid for a team that includes some sort of hotel subsidy to help out visiting teams. That would be a vote enticing incentive for the Okanagan / Shushwap teams who have been crying poverty for years...with probably good reason, I don’t think they ever get 7-8 hundred fans out.

 According to this story the Quesnel bid could be approved by January 14th...or not. They say they already have crowds bigger than the other teams in the league... believe me, they will end up a big rich powerful team and will be able to out-recruit those “other teams” . 

If I was 100 Mile I'd be horrified and if I was Williams Lake I’d be rubbing my  hands together like a ghoul at a graveyard. And if I had my way... two teams would move there instead of expansion... but then the KI teams won’t get the expansion $... go figure what will happen.

And way to go Izzy Palumbo, she is the 15 year old goaltender for the Revelstoke Midget team who just became an affiliate goalie for the Golden Rockets.  That’s how Shannon Szabados got her startplaying Jr, keep on slugging it out Izzy.

Happy solstice Thursday AM at about 9:20 (it’s the shortest day of the year you cretins )

Merry Christmas to all from the Ghostrider players, coaches and board members .

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  1. One error..... Jordon Kromm scored both goals in the 7-2 loss in Creston.