Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Fernie Arena July 24th

Dateline July 24th 2018 Arena Update

At the back of the arena the guys from Shoesmith Construction are busy getting a pad ready for the new plant. They are expecting to see the concrete pour on Friday.

Inside the arena it sounds like the water lines are done up front and the now the contractors are working on the dressing rooms then they will be doing the back rooms including the Ghostrider room.
We have total destruction of all the old plumbing, no matter what they may have told us earlier.

The City is being very evasive about everything. At an ice meeting several weeks ago they assured all the user groups that they would email out weekly progress reports... They have not sent even one.

Will the arena open on time (or even close to Sept 10th) is the big question... Will someone from the City tell us... don’t bet on it.

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