Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Kelowna Christmas

So a couple of weeks ago the Kelowna Chiefs were
bragging on their Twitter account that they had over 1000 penalty minutes, by as they said, a lot, a lot.

Well they didn't let us down
...Saturday night as everyone knows is alright for fightin  and  on Saturday Dec 10 North Oak went into Kelowna and shut them out 4-0 and the Chiefs didn't take it well as you can see by clicking here     check out the second period for the hysterics. The Chiefs now lead the league with 1411 PIM and counting...  

Now there is no proof of this... but we heard through the rumour mill they were singing the 12 days of Christmas in the dressing room after the game..... here are the lyrics I was told about by a fan who just caught the end of the song as he was walking by...

On the 12th day of Christmas the Zebra gave to me
 More than a 100 minutes in penalties,
11 sets of stitches, 
10 Dr visits
A countless number of misconducts 
One butt end penalty
A 5 minute head shot
7 game misconducts 
5 fighting majors
A bunch of ruffin penalties
2 instigators
2 more aggressors
And five Golden Rings la la la

4 but probably more suspensions
3 concussion spotters
2 game ejections
And some boarding, slashing and roughing pen-al-ties.
la-la la


  1. Rutland Arena is a twin rink; the Chiefs dressing room is part of the east rink, while the games are played on the west rink. One would have to go through the foyer and into the east rink, then walk the length of that rink to "pass by" the Chiefs dressing room. But the "fan" who submitted this maybe hasn't been to Rutland Arena and doesn't know that.

  2. In my wildest dreams I would never have believed anyone would have taken this seriously.