Monday, 5 December 2016

Round' the League -Leafs Cats pointless reindeer fights with class

Round' the League

Last week the Nelson Leafs bragged about making nine player moves at the deadline. So I checked the KIJHL website and surprise surprise not one was posted like they are suppose to be. Hats off to Golden, Osoyoos, Chase and Creston for posting their deadline player moves. Anyway, that's a pointless argument that I've been crowing about for years and years, pointless cause we all know the KI GM's are just so busy they don't have time to do that for the fans. But that's not why were here today...

The nine moves may have paid off for the Leafs as they have won 3 in a row and one of those  was a 4-2 win against the first place Creston Thunder Cats last weekend.

Now for the fun part... if you remember, back on October 30th Nelson and Creston had a fitting gate night halloween brawl at the end of a 7-1 Nelson loss in Creston   (see the carnage click here) that saw 8 players and both coaches get suspended... and Leaf Head Coach Mario DiBella hasn't forgotten about it so he fired a few shots directly at Creston in a Nelson Star article dated December 3rd. 

 At first DiBella started off with the players and then about reindeer's Dancer and Prancer or something but soon it degenerated into an all out attack on their Coaching Staff. Full Story Here   But the best hi-lights are below.

"Creston may have 20 skaters that all look the same, [but some of our skaters] are singers, some are dancers" 

Next he went after Creston Head Coach Jeff Dubois while  reminiscing about the brawl to Nelson Star writer Tyler Harper.

"They sent out a 20 year old to fight a 17 year old on our team," recalled DiBella. "A staged fight, which was garbage in my opinion. It shows a lack of class and leadership from the Creston coaching staff. We weren't our best that night and I think the players were prepared to come back and show that wasn't the team [Creston] was going to see for the rest of the year."
Not one to shy away from those kind of attacks Creston HC and GM Jeff Dubios, when prompted by the guys here at Rider News, countered with this.
"Full credit to the Nelson players on a well-earned win. They were the better team, plain and simple. But Mario should probably just shut up and keep his thoughts to himself. We're talking about a guy who has the respect of pretty much nobody in our league, so I don't think he's going to be taken seriously anywhere that matters as a spokesman for class and leadership". 
"Second, it's tough to respect someone who spends as much time as he does screaming at kids on the other team during an amateur sporting event. I don't like to tell a guy 40 years older than me how to act, but he's probably better off focusing on winning hockey games seeing as how that hasn't been happening much in his neck of the woods lately. In the meantime, let's leave the focus on the players who deserve the positive attention".
Rider News, Well that's great stuff, if I'm anywhere near Nelson January 7th at the rematch I'm going early. Meanwhile the Nelson Leafs will get a chance to prove a few things this Friday in Castlegar against the red hot Rebels.   And Creston has their own dragons to slay with trips to Kimberley and Beaver Valley this weekend. 
Isn't the internet fun, more to come... I hope

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