Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Even more of the annoying Round' the League

A few announcements on Twitter today that I'll put here,  for those who incredibly have a life and don't spend their day on the aforementioned social media outlet. There are people like that... I even met one once.

These are all things for fans to ponder over the next few months.

#1/ The most immediately important to the KIJHL . The BCHL says they are moving from a 22 to a 23 man roster.  In other words, because the BCHL has 17 teams and I have my GED so I can add now... there will be 17 less players available next season, and it  woulda bin like 60 or something  if Williams Lake and Quesnel came into the league... boy that GED sure came in handy tonight. 

Read the BCHL story here

That ain't good for Jr B but it's going to happen and there's nothing we can do about it... read the next paragraph.

#2/  Potentially even more important and happening soon... 
In my post yesterday we said that Williams Lake and Quesnel  "Aren't going away folks and will  join the KIJHL sooner than later , or they'll start their own league... with the possibility of being joined by some KI defectors". 

Today Adam Williams of Kamloops This Week had this quote from Quesnel's Matt Kolle. "Maybe there will be a team Quesnel can buy and relocate, or perhaps bringing junior B hockey north for the 2018- 2019 season is a more realistic goal".

It's going to happen, one way or another... but I sure like the relocate idea better than new franchises. I think a new league is what he meant by bring hockey north and the spinoffs line in the story link below, but I only got a GED ...
Read that story here

#3/ The USHL has come up with a few rule changes, the one that interests me and several fans I know is if you have a 20 year old goalie he won't count against your 20 year old quota... In other words in the KI we could have 5 96 skaters this year and one 96 goalie. Maybe the USHL thinks goalies aren't players, they're like space invaders or something... anyway I like it...the more 20's the better as far as Im concerned, especially with the new teams and roster sizes coming up.Read that story here

I believe the paragraph below  was was agreed to at the KIJHL AGM in the summer... according to North Oak's Bryant Perrier --Hearing some teams aren't to happy about it right now, say it ain't so ?  Read the full newspaper story here

Teams will battle within their division for the first two rounds, with the opening round series being a best-of-seven divisional semifinal.
The division final will then be a best-of-five.
The winner of the Okanagan-Shuswap Division will face the winner of the Doug Birks Division in the third round Okanagan Conference Final, which is also a best-of-five series.
The winner there advances to meet the winner of the Kootenay Conference in the best-of-seven league championship.

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