Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Will the KIJHL Expand

The KIJHL Governors will be voting on wether to let Williams Lake and Quesnel into the KIJHL. This has been in the works for a while as the KI has played a number of games over the last few years in that area. 

This in my opinion is a no win situation for the Governors. Yes some of the Okanagan Shuswap teams could end up with some good games travel wise, but at the same time these two former BCHL Jr A team cities will be very tough to recruit against and the closest team in 100 Mile, should be alarmed.

If you're  Spokane according to Storm GM Barry Dewar you would have to travel 1000 KM, to Quesnel... read Dewar's interview right here  So say good bye to my favourite  crossovers, (playing all the teams in the league) this time forever... unless the rich teams use them to force out the poor teams, ( I got an evil mind eh) but not likely though as almost all the KI teams are crying poverty. 

Another argument against is, lets make the weak teams better first. The KI tried that, a little bit... For those with good memories you will remember that a couple of years ago the KIJHL sold everyone but me on a 30 day suspension for players who don't report after they are traded, this was suppose to be to help the weak teams who have trouble getting good players to report after a trade. 

Gutless Hockey Canada who's Mission Statement is "Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences has allowed that rule at the Jr A level as well, I think it should be challenged in court, but that's another matter... Anyway, adding Quesnel and Williams Lake will hurt the weaker teams that the brutal 30 days in the hole rule was suppose to, but didn't, help. In my opinion... only money can help the weaker teams. I bet the two new teams will have  money.

Now if the Gov's vote them out they have yet another problem, they could start their own league, and it's entirely possible that a couple of KI teams would join them. One of the main reasons they may consider that is that the two other Jr B leagues, the PIJHL and the VIJHL each have a Cyclone Taylor rep. They have two reps per 19 teams while the KIJHL has one per 20 teams, 22 with the new guys. Regardless of whatever happens that will have to change, but the extra team will make it even harder for small towns to host the Cyclone ever again, these arguments just never end.

Also, the new teams are totally new franchises and are not KIJHL teams moving North like what happened in 2013 when the failed  Pentiction Lakers were sold and moved to 100. So can you say watered down... and the questions just never end as well.

You can read the Nelson News story on this here

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