Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Riders win 2 of Three, the Roundup-

1/ The Ghostriders won 2 out of 3 on their long road trip last weekend. They won 2-1 in Kamloops, lost 5-1 in 100 Mile House then won 6-4 in Chase on Sunday afternoon. 
A  a recap on all last weekend's games is right Here

2/ With the two wins the Ghostriders have taken over second place in the division with 22 points, 1 point ahead of Creston... but Creston plays a home and home against the winless Golden Rockets this weekend... I know who I'm betting on.... on the other hand the Riders host Kimberley then travel to Invermere to play the Rockies who are probably the most improved team in the KI this season, and the Riders are 0-2 in Invermere so far, this will be another tough weekend for the boys

 3/ I'm looking forward to seeing the Rockies on lucky Friday the 13th when they play their first game here... Things I haven't said since Brendan Burge grew up... did I say that?

 4/ Kimberley is here in Fernie Friday night, this is the  game everyone wants to see and the Riders will be tested.  Kimberley with a 7-1-0-2 road record is on a 12 game win streak and are in first place with 32 points. They won 2-0 in Golden and 5-1 against the Rockies last week. This will be the first time they have played here in Fernie this season. The Ghostriders play their first game in Kimberley on November 20th. The newspaper says the  Nitro's may be without Jason Richter who won the KI scoring race last season ... bait from the coaching staff ?

5/ Huge couple of games from Jeff Orser, he won in Kamloops and Chase last weekend by making 93 saves.  Coach Mohr says he was great and Brandon Butler played well in his first game of the season in 100 Mile last Saturday, it was a 2-1 game till the third when 100 scored 2 PP and one even strength goal. The Wranglers were 3-8 on the PP in that game.

6/ Coach Mohr "That was a tough tough weekend" Those teams came at us, especially in 100 Mile". 

Overall Mohr tells me he was happy with the way his team competed under some adverse conditions and a three hour wait because of a rock slide before the Kamloops game that resulted in a 15 minute delay in the start of the game... not half an hour to let the guys have at least some sort of pre-game ... make your own assumptions.

7/  "He's going to stay there" That was  Coach Mohr talking about Dan Burgess who spent the weekend up front instead of on the blueline. Yeah as a D I'd like that big ape with me in his sights.

8/ Kimberley Statistition Josh Lockhart made up his All-Star Team for the Month of October, Rider "C" Cole Keebler was 1st with 22 points in 11 games Justin Peers was 3rd with16... See the full list here

9/ After reading some of the Stats packs Lockhart has posted over the last couple of years, he would get my vote to pick the KIJHL Player of the Month that we used to have...  but we don't have for the last couple of years cause more than half of the teams were too lazy to submit a player each month... Anyway, he's the ideal guy and I bet he'd do it, and even take into consideration game winners tying goals and a bunch of other things I'd never think of... The KIJHL Govs are  having a meeting this weekend... going out on the limb here... embracing the media with POM's and all trades posted etc would be very constructive boys.

10/  October had zero yellow marks on the schedule, how am I suppose to ruin the league without cooperation... keep up the good work everyone.

11/ Zach Befus and 3 goals and 2 assists in Chase last Sunday and now appears on the Top Ten Scorers List, way to go Zach, Cole Keebler is still # 1 after  2 and 4 point games last weekend.

12/  Zach Befus is the Ghostriders and  Boston Pizza's October Player of the Month. Jeff Orser was named as the Tim Horton’s Player of the Week and Ryan Kennedy was picked as the McDonald’s Practice Player of the Week. Practice player is every coaches fav.

13/ At 23 the Riders have scored the most powerplay goals, Kelowna is next with 22 the whole list is HERE

14/ Kamloops, Osoyoos and Summerland lead the league with 5 shorthanded goals, the Riders and  Creston are next with 4. The PP %'s could be skewed as sometimes PP is not indicated on the game sheet. With E-Sports this, along with the game winning goals, are not automatically entered. Kamloops has won 13 games but on this list are credited with 6.  If I were king I'd be having a meeting with them e-sports guys.

15/ Coaches have to do everything

Pascal says the Father of the Team helping his kiddo's learn to tie their ties

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