Monday, 26 October 2015

Riders go one and one on the weekend

The Ghostriders split the weekend winning 4-3 at home against the Chase Heat on Friday and losing 6-4 in Invermere on Sunday afternoon.

Chase : The Riders had a 3-1 lead going into the third in the Chase game then surrendered a goal making it 3-2 before Justin Peers scored what would end up being the game winner on a great pass from Cole Keebler to make it 4-2. The Heat scored one then had some good chances after that but Jeff Orser shut the door and got the Riders a much needed win.

Zach Befus was the Player of the Game with 2 goals and 2 assists. Justin Peers had a goal and 2 assists, Cole Keebler 3 assists and Alex Cheveldave 1 goal and 1 assists.

In Invermere the Riders got behind 3-1 in the first and never got back on track. They were down 5-2 at the end of the second and despite scoring a couple of goals in the third it was too little too late and they dropped another road game vs Invermere and are now 0-2  against the Rockies. Interesting games against those guys, so far in the two games we have 7 goals and they have 11.

Zach Befus had 2 goals, Alex Cheveldave 1 goal 2 assists Cole Keebler 1 goal 2 assists, Ryan Teslak and Kevin Pierce 1 assist each.

The Riders go back to Rockyland Nov 6th then the Rockies make their first appearance  here in Fernie on Friday the 13th... what could go wrong here...

So what happened, it's easy, here are the players who had points last weekend, the list of guys without a point is too long to write.

Cole Keebler had 1 goal and 5 assists.
Zach Befus had 4 goals and  2 assists,
Alex Cheveldave 2 goals and 3 assists
Justin Peers had 1 goal and 2 assists but did not play Sunday.
Kevin Pierce 1 assist
Ryan Teslak 1 assist

Power Play
The Rider power play continues to be one of the best in the league, they were 5-12 on the weekend and have 20 PPG's. Zack Befus has 5 of them. Kimberley is next at 19 PPG's.

Justin Peers missed Sunday's game but is alright and will be ready for this weekend. Keagan Kingwell has been cleared to play. Aidan Wilson is out for the weekend as is Ben Shushkovsky, but Ben is out for at least a month with a broken rib. Lane Sim is day to day. Spencer Bender is back from injury and expected to play on the weekend.

The Ghostriders have a big test this weekend, they are in Kamloops Friday, 100 Mile Saturday and Chase Sunday afternoon. These games are not scheduled as radio broadcast games. The next home game is Friday November 6th vs Kimberley
Cole Keebler (FG)14161531
Jason Richter (KD)16151328
Rainer Glimpel (OC)14131528
Eric Buckley (KD)1681927
Alec Wilkinson (CVT)1471825
Jared Marchi (KD)1671623
Justin Peers (FG)1181422
Jordan Busch (KD)1612122
Braden Fuller (BVN)1571320
Logan Mostat (CH)1611819

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