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The Roundup, Weekend Fight fans,ref bash, ice queen NCAA fun and Drummed out of the game

The Weekend
The Ghostriders played three games last weekend, they won  7-0 at home vs Grand Forks, 7-2 in Golden, and on Sunday at home vs Golden they had a 7-3 win, the boys scored a total of 21 goals and had three wins on the weekend. 

On Friday at home against Grand Forks the Riders led 1 -0 after one, 4-0 after two and finally 7-0 at the end of the game. D-man Keagan Kingwell had 2 goals and an assist Alex Cheveldave 2 goals and Justin Peers 1 goal and 2 assists. 17 year old AP goalie Brandon Youngson had the shutout in net... that was his second win in two games.

On Saturday night in Golden it was the Rockets who actually got out to a 2-0 lead but in the second the Riders took over scoring six and one in the third for a 7-2 win.
Cole Keebler had 2 goals and an assist and Justin Peers scored a pair as well. Mack Differenz had a goal and 2 assists while D Kevin Pierce finished up with a goal and an assist. Sawyer Ward got his first start in net and first KIJHL win as well.

On Sunday night the Rockets were here in Fernie completing part two of their home and home with the Riders, it was game three for both teams but it was fairly competitive for two teams playing their third games in a row.

In the first the Riders scored a pair of PP goals (Kevin Pierce, Cole Keebler) before the Rockets Jake Gudjonson scored to make it 2-1. Justin Peers scored in the last five minutes for a 3-1 lead at the end of the first.

In the second Cole Keebler scored his second on the night but in the last minute Terix Fischer-Kobes scored two in a row and the second ended with the Riders only up by a goal at  4-3.

In the third the Ghost picked it up and scored three for the win. Justin Peers got his second and 7th on the year and Alex Cheveldave scored for a 6-3 lead before  Keebler had his 3rd into the empty net while shorthanded. Brandon Youngson had the win in net stopping 27 shots.

A few thoughts

1/ On giving Sawyer Ward a start in Golden Coach Craig Mohr said "It was the right thing to do"  "They (meaning both AP goalies Ward and Youngson) helped US out ". Goalie Brandon Butler seems to be a week or so away and Jeff Orser is in the same boat but with a somewhat lesser injury.... I can almost hear Jeff Dubois rubbing his anticipating hands together...

2/ Trevor Broad who missed a few games with injuries and coaching decisions showed us why he was kept on as a rookie this year. On the Riders fourth goal (that turned out to be the game winner) it was Broad's fancy moves on the blue line to get around a couple of guys that created the play that resulted in Keebler's second goal. Broad had 2 assists Sunday, his first two points. He's smooth... and will only get better with a little more confidence.

3/ In Golden Evan Reid was knocked out by Travis Kelly who got a 5 minute charging call... but not a head contact call... the referees seem to be reluctant to call that on  players because of commutative penalties I guess. Anyway Rocket HC Jason Stephens didn't dress Kelly on Sunday even though he was not suspended... probably was a smart thing as a fighting major would have been more than likely.

4/ Fight fans were satiated half way through the third period when Rider forward Ben Shushkovsky took on the oversized (6'5" 220) Mike Main who had been running roughshod on our forwards all night.  Once he got loose Ben got in a couple and one particularly good shot...  winning the fight and a spot on the team... for life

5/ Rider Prue played a game with the Ghostriders before leaving the team because he knew he wouldn't get a top six job here in Fernie, looks like he will get one in Golden where he had a goal and an assist in his first 3 games... both points were against us. I... unlike most, can understand why a player may go for more playing time vs winning.

6/  The big gun on the weekend...was, to no ones surprise, team Captain Cole Keebler with 10 points but Justin Peers is quietly having a great sophomore season with 8 points on the weekend and 17 in eight games. After the weekend Keebler was leading all KIJHL players in scoring with 24 points while Peers was in 8th place.

7/ When a team plays three games in three days the coaches watch and try and juggle who needs rest and who can go all three, so no matter what we think about the scratches, the coaches are with the guys every day and know them... way better than we do.

8/ Spencer Bender who has missed several games with an injury and came back last Friday and scored one goal then sat out the next two games. Spencer told me he was felt good after his game, I'm betting the coaches were saving him for the Creston games this weekend.

9/ Wanna meet the players on October 24th and play some Road Hockey as well Click Here

10/ Keagan Kingwell leads the D in scoring with 7 points in 8 games, he didn't play vs Golden, I suspect he falls into the same category as Mr Bender.

11/ Nice to see 17 year old D Kevin Pierce with 6 pts  in 9 games... Pierce, if you don't know, stays with his Grandparents here in Fernie, his Grandfather, Bob Singleton, was a star player many moons ago and is still playing and is the Captain of  the Tom Uphill Flyers morning hockey team.

12/ Ryan Teslak played all three games, but he's the kind of player who thrives on playing and sure seemed to be salivating  playing the power play against Grand Forks... firing shots off posts and setting guys up etc.

13/ Alex Cheveldave has 4 goals 1 assist in his first 5 games... not bad for a forward who was a defenseman in his other life, he has been on the blue line on the PP lately though.

14/ Judging by the way he moves around the ice it's kinda hard to believe that Ryan Kennedy scored just his first goal last Friday...

15/ Creston is here in Fernie on Friday and the Riders go there on Saturday and that game is a scheduled Drive 99.1 Radio Broadcast Game... hopefully the broadcast works this time, they assure me that it will.

Ben Shushkovsky

Round' The League

Nelson's play by play guy was accused of referee bashing by the guys from Beaver Valley Saturday. One of the comments was "Pointing out suspect calls is one thing, full on character assignation is another"  I have no access to the archives so didn't hear it... it's already hard enough to get kids interested in refereeing and we have problems getting refs for some league games.. that won't help... Any thoughts KIJHL?

Kimberley's Tyson Brouwer had 2 shutouts last weekend, he beat Grand Forks 3-0 and Creston 4-0. The Nitro's play here in Fernie for the first time Friday November 6th.. scratch that date on the wife's car door....

Cydnie Rice was the lineswoman Sunday here in Fernie, she did lots of Eddie Mountain Division games in the last few years but is now residing in the Okanagan and doing games there. Cyd was here doing lines after refereeing the Kimberley Grand Forks game the night before. Congrats to the Icequeen (her Twitter handle) on getting the chance to referee, and to run lines in the Jr A BCHL as well.

The KIJHL website is an esports  hosted site and the standings have been haywire with some teams not having all their games listed. That should be corrected shortly... lots of complaints.

NCAA Funtime
Seems I have been finding lots of hypocritical  NCAA stuff lately and this week we have a beauty for you. Some teams have been using escorts to recruit players... Hey Dad, "what's an escort" Dad, Son, it's a car Ford doesn't make any more.

Why the NCAA route is so attractive ? 
Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle spoke with an NCAA investigator this week about his recruiting visit to Louisville in June 2013 and confirmed the gist of allegations involving paid escorts during his trip to the school, a source with knowledge of the NCAA's investigation told CBS Sports on Thursday morning.
"He told the truth," the source said.
Read the full story by Garry Parrish here 

NHL Coaches story
Longtime NHL writer Eric Duhatschek interviewed five NHL Coaches. It's a great story on the game that you can read here   or if your lazy just read a couple of the quotes below .

Lindy Ruff There was a time when fear was effective – creating animosity and competition worked. In the past, I’ve sat out players to see their reactions, sometimes key players. I don’t know if we have any “fear” coaches left. You almost have a partnership with the players now

Pete DeBoer  Because players are so much bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled than they’ve ever been in the history of the game, there’s a lot more parity between the top and the bottom of your lineups. Everybody can skate.

Dave Tippett Remember the picture of Patrick Roy in his rookie year in 1986? Then look at the pictures of him when he retired. It was obnoxious, the change. I understand the whole safety issue, I’m all in favour of safety, but if you give them something like a suit of armour, that Kevlar, when everything is tight to their body, then you can make them go back to the era of “a kick save and a beauty.”

Former Ghostrider Jeff Rayman who played here at 16 years old was released from the Spokane Chiefs (WHL) a couple of weeks ago. After being released he skated with the Riders to stay in shape then went to the Jr A Drumheller Dragons last week. But did he make the right choice... both Dragon Coaches were kicked out of their game Saturday and the game was suspended, below is the Twitter feed from their play by play guy Robb Hunter. And here is what GM Brian Curran thought of the whole mess notice how it has nothing to do with coaching

  1. Now that I think of it. It was the fight that ended the game. So congrats to Symer on his first career GWF (game winning fight).
  2. How was everyone else's night?
  3. Congrats to on the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.
  4. With 4:26 to go, there was another fight. Both head coaches were ejected leaving Drum without anyone to run the bench. Score was 7-2.
  5. I'm told, the ref then told an alternate captain from each team that if there was another fight both head coaches would be tossed.
  6. Drumheller's assistant coach was ejected with 7 minutes left in the 3rd for voicing his displeasure with the official.
  7. Game called in Bonnyville as both Drumheller coaches received ejections and the Dragons didn't have a coach left to run the bench.

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