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Rider Roundup, Round the League stats, Equipment, turn on the red light

Monday 3:30 PM

 After playing and winning four games that the Riders were kinda expected to win (at least by this writer) vs Revelstoke, Golden twice and Grand Forks, the Ghostriders played two games against Creston last weekend.

Coach Mohr was quoted on the radio saying the Creston games would be a sort of "litmus test" for the Riders.... seeing as Creston played very well against the Riders earlier and only Jeff Orser's heroics gave them a win.  Plus the Cats are ahead of them in the standings and play a pretty sound positional game.

Anyway... On Friday the Riders  were down 2-0 going into the third before Mitch Titus from Alex Cheveldave scored to make it 2-1.  Halfway through the period Cole Keebler scored a shorthanded goal from Justin Peers  to tie the game at two taking the game into overtime, thus giving the Riders at least one point. Alec Wilkinson scored the game winner for Creston in the second overtime. The shots were 52-31 for the Ghostriders. Brock Lefebvre got the win in net for Creston, and on Saturday too.

On Saturday the Riders again found themselves down 2-0 in Creston but only Ryan Kennedy from Zach Befus and Justin Peers could score. The shots were 34-26 for Creston. Jeff Orser played both games in net and showed few ill effects after coming back from an injury. Sawyer Ward was the backup goaltender last weekend. 

1/ After last weekend's games Cole Keebler was leading all KIJHL scorers with 15 goals and 10 assists in 12 games.

2/ Although they lost both games, the scoring chances were there and defensively the Riders looked good compared to the start of the season... lots of second effort as well.

3/ On Friday some of the best scoring chances came on the power play... by the defending teams who each scored a PP G but could have had more, go figure, fun to watch... from the stands... wonder what the coaches thought... If I use those words all the Twitter and Blog cops whine.

4/ Mack Differenz, Ryan Kennedy and Tayler Sincennes made some big defensive plays, Coach Mohr says " I can trust those guys against the other team's top lines.

5/ The Riders play my new friends from Chase on Friday, they have a 9-4 record so will be no pushover.

6/ You can meet, play road hockey and dine with the Riders on Saturday All the info is HERE

7/ He's only played 3 games but 17 year old Rider AP goalie Brandon Youngson has the best record with a .954 save %... he's penciled in full time next season for certain.

8/ Twenty year old Spencer Bender missed yet another weekend, he could be a difference maker if he gets healthy, Aidan Wilson is out for a month, them's two speedy guys D hate playing against. Expecting speedster Evan Reid back in vs Chase, but Lane Sim is day to day as is G- Brandon Butler, however, he's been skating.

9/ Im told, cause I wasn't there, that  Kyle Haugo, who has been playing forward lately, was given a misconduct in the third period in Creston... it was a bad penalty, but not by # 6 by # 91 who goaded him into a fight... but wouldn't. It's what Hockey Canada wants and they should be proud.

Round the League

Now I'm no stats guy but below is some stuff you'll find on the KIJHL site, it's nothing like the detailed stuff Josh Lockhart from Kimberley crunches (Click Here for his latest numbers ) on clutch scorers or Summerland's outstanding blog writer Tim Hogg who is dabbling.

Anyway, if I got some things wrong, to bad, I copied as best I could. 
 Here is what I found After the Weekend.....the Kamloops Storm with 25 points and a 12-0-0-1 record were leading the league but Kimberley is right behind with 24, both teams have played 14 games.

Beaver Valley has scored the most goals at 62 Kimberley has 58 Kamloops and Osoyoos sit at 51.

The best plus minus is Kimberley at + 32 Beaver Valley next at +28

Kimberley is on an 8 game win streak and Kamloops has a 7 game streak going.

Power Plays: Kelowna leads the Power Play Goal parade with 17, Kimberley has 16 Fernie, Chase and Osoyoos each have 15.

But Creston has the best PP percent at 28% with 14 goals on 50 chances... but they don't get to practice it much... they only had 50 chances...the lowest in the league.  So...don't take PIM against them... they could get even better with more practice.

Fernie leads the league in Penalty Killing only allowing 3 and killing 56- 94.64 %  Creston in 2nd has allowed 4 while killing 55  92.73%

The Columbia Valley Rockies have had the most PP oppertunities with 97 but only have a 10.31 % chance of scoring, North Oakanagan is next with 93 chances but only a 7.35 % chance of scoring... they could be trouble if they figure that out.

Beaver Valley and Castlegar with 22 and 21 points are in the closest race for first in their division, only a tie last night in Kelowna is keeping the Rebels a point away.

Short Handed Goals - Kamloops  and Summerland each have scored  5 Fernie is next with 4...

Kamloops Kimberley, Castlegar and Beaver Valley have not allowed a short handed goal against.

Shorthanded goals against Princeton has allowed 7 while Creston, North Oak and Sicamous each have allowed 3

Grand Forks has the most PIM at 345 while at the other end of the spectrum... and the standings... is Osoyoos with 127

Kimberley's Jordan Busch with 18 points is the top scoring D man. Castlegar's Nick Headrick is next at 17.

Kimberley's Jason Richter has the most PP goals at 6 Osoyoos' Rainer Glimpel and Grand Forks' Bryson Yee are next with 5

Kimberley's Tyson Brouwer leads all goalies is shutouts with 4 Fernie's AP BrandonYoungson has the best save % at 954... but he's only played 3 games.

Below is the Top Scorers list and the Top Goalies.

A story came out from The Hockey News last week about some  new and better equipment that players will be getting shortly.

By Matt Carlson
Equipment will help players maneuver more naturally and perform better. And despite the reduction in bulk, gear will be more protective to compensate for faster shots and harder impacts. New materials and technologies handed down from the aerospace industry are already propelling the evolution. They’ll be more prominent as the composites and foams that make a Boeing 787 Dreamliner lighter and fuel-efficient land in the sporting goods industry
. Full Equipment story

The Goalies will benefit from the new equipment but if they don't cut down on the size of their equipment no one will be turning on the Red Light, for a tutorial about a guy who knows a thing or two about Red Lights click Here 

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