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Some of the 2000 Borne Cup Championship Team were in town last weekend.

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A few of the AWHL Borne Cup Championship Jr "A" team was here last weekend. I bump into many of them every once in a while around town and see guys like Jared Sailer, Mark Palmer, Charlie Mattersdorfer and Brian Youngson periodically , but I hadn't seen Kevin Olson and Mark Ewing for years.  They both had surprised looks when they first saw me and Ewing even hugged me. Then I thought about how I was considered the old writer 15 years ago, so they weren’t just surprised to see me… they were surprised I was even alive. 
Below the photos from Leahh Potyok we have a little more on the AWHL Champs. And the Fernie Free Press Write up By Sara Moulton is here

Here is a note sent to the players by their former Head Coach and General Manager Fred Harbinson

First I would like to say I am very disappointed I was unable to attend this weekend, my current position in Penticton made it impossible.
 I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach 2 seasons in Fernie my first two as a Head Coach.  I am now in my 20th year of coaching, it's crazy to think how the years have flown bye.
The 99/2000 team has always had a special place in my heart for so many different reasons. The combination of speed, toughness, depth and togetherness was impressive in any era.  To think we strung together 31 straight wins and lost only one game at home is remarkable and a testament to the relentless dedication the players put into every game.
For me personally, I owe a great deal to the Ghostrider organization, the town of Fernie and of course the players who I was given the chance to coach.
I believe the 98/99 team launched my coaching career and for that I thank all of you. Hopefully when you guys look back on that season, it brings the same great memories that I have.
Have fun this weekend and be proud of saying you played on one of the best Junior Teams ever assembled.
 P'S. ....No Curfew tonight, But there is wood Pile tomorrow morning !!!...................ha
Fred Harbinson
President / GM / Head Coach
Penticton Vees - BCHL

This is a puck that star forward  Kevin Olson's father Cal cut out for me, all the players got their own personalized one. The WW stood for Wild West, that was the name of my newspaper column from the old Elk Valley Minor back in 2000 before the Free Press bought them out and mothballed the paper. The column was about the Riders who were in the America West Hockey League, and it really was written in a Wild West style... but it was a different world back then and we can't say that stuff anymore.  Yeah Cal I still got it

The Timbits were on the ice for the opening face-off.

Several of the old players were on the ice along with Jim Murphy's parents and some of this years team as well.

 In the 1999-2000 season the Ghostriders won the AWHL Jr A Championship. Here are the players who were on that team, to the best of my knowledge anyway. FYI Kimberley was still in that league back then, Creston and Nelson bailed out before for the same reason Kimberley and eventually Fernie did, it cost to much to travel. The Ghostriders won 31 games in a row that year, definitely a record here in Fernie 

The Players are here

Dave LeNeveu

Grady Hunt

Jim Murphy

Nick Whittaker

Travis Warnygora

Kevin Holem

Ryan Cullen

Vince Kurszewski

Kevin Olson
Dave Csumrik

Jared Sailer

Charlie Mattersdorfer

Brad Bolger

Trent Ulmer
Adrian Wong

Mark Palmer

JP Guay

Connor Hughes

Marco Samson

Mark Ewing

Derek Campbell

Brian Youngson

Ryan Vieau

That Year D-men  Brian Youngson and Ryan Vieau

and Forwards Charlie Mattersdorfer, Trent Ulmer, and Kevin Olson and 

Goalie Grady Hunt  were named to the AWHL All-Star Team and Trent Ulmer

 Kevin Olson and Charlie Mattersdorfer finished 1-2-3 in league scoring.

Their Head Coach and GM was Fred Harbinson with assistant Coach Garth McLeod. Team President was Lori Sinclair

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