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The Weekly Round Up - End of the world- Murder-Singin- point taken VP round the league

The End of the World
The Ghostriders lost two home games in a row last weekend, 5-3 to Kimberley and 4-3 to Creston. That was the first time this season they had lost at home in regulation. Previously they had a tie against Kimberley and an overtime loss against Beaver Valley.

Ghostrider Notebook

Murder She wrote
The power play, and or penalty kill, which ever way you want to look at it...murdered the Riders in the last two games. The clues to the murder were...Kimberley went 2-3 on the PP in the 5-3 game and Creston went 3-4 in their 4-3 win. Meanwhile the Riders only had one power play goal all weekend, but in their defence... Your Honour... they only had three chances. Maybe Creston and Kimberley judged that it wasn't in their best interests to take PIM against we hear a gavel hit a referees head. 

Of bigger concern to this writer was the drying up of the Grade “A” scoring chances the boys usually get. Most of their losses this year were because the players didn’t score on all their great chances, but last week the scoring chance wishing well went dry.

So the players and Coaches will probably be doing some  soul searching this week in practice, but it was only two games and most teams go through this kinda thing as a sort of rite of passage anyway. 

The way I see it
Golden seems to be treading water since the start of the season but both Kimberley, and  especially Creston, have improved in the last couple of months.  However, with a 12 point lead on the rest of the pack and only 13 games left the Riders will probably still finish up in first, but they will still need a few wins in the next 9 road games and 4 home games.

Nice singin
If you were wondering who was singing the anthem last Friday, and many of the fans around where I was sittin were... it was Maria Landa... a teenager I think, but they all look so young to me.

Zak Kuchler and Tayler Sincennes both got in fights last weekend, I'm certain the Bourne Cup reunion players who had a ton'o fights in their day appreciated it...More on those guys in the next day or so with a couple of photos.

 Dave Kelly scored in the Kimberley game and it was very clear who got the goal but the ref and thus the announcer gave it to  Aaron Neufeld, then after the game the KI boxscore said that it was Dan Burgess who scored, then finally the next AM sheet was corrected. It's hard enough to score in this league without all the clerical errors eh Kelly.

Deadline Deal
Coach Craig Mohr was happy with his team at the January 10th deadline and the only change he made was to sign D-man Dan Burgess, the younger brother of forward Joel Burgess, and now his roster is set at 23 players... Right about now there may be a couple of guys who are happy that the last two games didn’t happen two weeks ago.

Round' the League

Our friends (boy he's amusing)  from Kimberley had 2 points taken away last week because they used an un-carded player. Coach Bancks was not pleased with the ruling and said "he" should have been suspended and the team keep the points.It used to be that way at one time but the rule changed. If taking the points away makes the Coaches more accountable, then that's the way it should be... cause...

 It's easy to check the Hockey Canada web site for approval and you can do it on your phone, even at the liquor store if you want to. This is a big deal cause (there's that bastardized word again) an uncarded player is an uninsured player so if the worst happens who's gonna pay the bill, the team, the league, the coach ? The betting is that the KIJHL and BC Hockey, don't want to find out the answer to that one. Plus  Coach Bancks has been around hockey his whole life which is just about as long as mine, and been with the Nitro's since the 1990's so he must know the system despite pleading ignorance. 

Anyway this is the 4th time this has happened so far this year but only the first time the KIJHL has said anything about it. A big thank you to VP Phil Iddon from the fans  for talking to Cranbrook reporter Taylor Rocca about it, and thanks to Rocca for writing the full story I didn't have to... lmfao. Read the Gory Details Here

Also... I vote Rocca as the  "Writer most likely to get a better and higher paying  job in a bigger city" kinda like this 100 Mile guy did.

PxP Guy
If you've ever been involved with a hockey team in the KI you will know how hard it is to get volunteers, and when one leaves it can be hard to fill their spot, especially if they're doing play by play. Josh Hall who has been with the Wranglers since their inception has just left 100 Mile for Red Deer where he will be a News Anchor and Reporter for The Drive and Big 105 FM. Hall was great at giving us info on the Wranglers so all the best in RD Mr Hall.

Kelowna got Nick Josephs (he was a top scorer last yr) back from the BCHL, he scored 2 G and 1 A in his first game but they lost 4-3 to Kamloops.

More PP Advantage
With the game winning power play goal against 100 Mile Chase's Kaleb Boyle with 43 PP G's  became the KIJHL  career leader in PP goals. See the chart here  And it was against his old coach Dale Hladun as well.

Summerland got Paulsen Lautard and Daylan Robertson back last week. Both players are former hi end Steam Captains, Osoyoos will be pleased... especially since Aaron Azevedo,Luc Gradisnar and Roary Neary have been missing in action lately.

Nelson's HC GM  Dave McLellan says he's a little upset at the way business is done in the KIJHL. Says he did a favour for a team out of the division thinking they would do a deal later on (like at the deadline) but they reneged. Come on McLellan the whole KIJHL? McLellan knows a thing or two about coaching  and he's been to sea a few times and knows the ropes but read the Bruce Fuhr story here anyway

Speaking of Nelson, and we just were... their top scoring D-man Robson Cramer is the first KIJHLer this year to commit to the BCIHL, he going to Simon Fraser, but don't believe me read the press release   

Even more Nelson, Kimberly picked up goalie Brody Nelson at the deadline from Kamloops who just got  Jake Mullen from Grand Forks where he was 2-21-1 but is 2-0 so far with the Storm. Who knew GF had anything left after all the guys they moved...

Last Saturday the aforementioned Leafs defeated Spokane 5-1 with 14 skaters, how fun was that for the 14, Kimberley did the same to the Rockies winning 8-1and there have been a few teams who have won this yr that way. In the old days the other team would start a brawl...

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