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The Weekly Roundup- chest beating- friendly's-geeks--#trickortreat

The  Ghostriders played three games last weekend, they won a 2-1 nail biter at home in the much anticipated showdown with the Kimberley Dynamiters on Friday, lost 4-0 in Creston on Saturday then won 4-1 at home on Sunday night against Princeton.

Ghostrider Notebook

After all the chest beating in their local newspaper for the last couple of years about their superior fitness levels, Kimberley, who had 4 power plays in a row including 3 in the third period, couldn’t score or even generate very many good scoring chances at all. And in the third for God's sake where their fitness levels are suppose to take over. Anyway the Riders outshot Kimbo 42-29 and the win wasn't because  Kimberley's #1 goalie Tyson Brouwer was out with an injury. Liam McBain played great and was even named as the Nitro player of the game. 

For the record, Rider practices are much harder than they were last season when fitness was an issue.

That was only the first of 8 games between these two teams, Kimberley will be a better team on their ice when the Riders play there on the 28th. Also, as the season wears on, we may not see, the as the soccer guys say, many more "Friendly's" like we saw last Friday.

The other showdown was between the KI's two top goal scorers, Nitro Tyson Klingsphon with 19 and Fernie shooter Josh McCulloch with 18, they both scored. Both players are 18 yrs old... it's refreshing to see the young guys do well. There are a few guys right behind them in the goal scoring race though.

KI goal scoring as of Monday AM
Klingsphohn (96)  20 G in 20 games
McCulloch    (96)  19 G in 19 games
Bryan Lubin (94)  18 G in 22 games
Ian Chrystal  (94) 17 G 1n 20

The actual point leaders are here
Bryan Lubin (CR)22181836
Rainer Glimpel (OC)22122234
Max Newton (GFBB)20161733
Aaron Azevedo (OC)21102333
Paulsen Lautard (SS)19151732
Jonathan Lee (KC)21131730
Tyson Klingspohn (KD)2020929
Ian Chrystal (KS)20171128
Josh McCulloch (FG)1919827
Luc Gradisar (OC)19131427

The Ghostrider penalty kill against Kimberley was outstanding and finished a perfect 5-0 with very few good scoring chances allowed. The Riders scored both their goals on the three power plays they were allotted. Line mates Sam Plaquin and Josh McCulloch scored the goals.

The two best players (in my limited mind) against Kimberley were Dylan Robertson and Evan Reid, both kept the puck away from the Nitro’s and Robertson provided some much needed hits. Reid has really turned it on after missing a few games earlier with an injury and is  starting to rush the puck well. Something Coach Mohr says Matt Pronchuk is working on.

In Creston the Ghostriders had several good scoring chances but couldn’t beat Brock Lefebvre with the 34 shots they took. Brandon Butler was in net and allowed 3 goals (1 was an empty net goal) but had no goal support and probably deserved a better fate. 
Lefebvre, for the record, went to Trail (BCHL) for a Sunday game but did not play. Creston's backup Mitch Martell beat the Rockies Sunday.

On Sunday in their third game in a row the boys defeated Princeton who had just won 5-1 in Kimberley the night before by a 4-1 score. Sam Plaquin (2) Jason Yan and Evan Reid had the goals.

Jeff Orser has taken over the number 1 spot in net and he only allowed 2 goals between Kimberley and Princeton. His record is 11-1.

As of Monday AM
Alex Kong (INACT)632.22.902
Jeff Orser (FG)12112.23.919
Olivier Charest (SE)962.34.931
Jason Sandhu (KS)1272.35.902
Brett Soles (OC)1292.43.903
Brett Huber (SS)1682.57.909
Patrick Kasper (SE)942.63.926
Lawrence Langan (OC)18142.70.904
Adam Maida (NL)1152.74.889
Brock Lefebvre (CVT)1372.81.921

While talking with Coach Craig Mohr the other day I mentioned that D man Dustin Watt has become a lot more noticeable since he got in a fight while sticking up for a teammate a few games ago. "Absolutely" he said "he has more confidence" The mohr I talk to the coach... the mohr I think we think alike... watt does that mean for the poor players... 

For all you stats geeks.
In the Princeton game the Posse had a large advantage in time of possession and spent a fair bit of time in Fernie’s end, but only got 25 shots. The Riders had 33, 4 goals and numerous partial and full breakaways a few goal posts and some internet posts as well. Like say right here... stats smats?

After the weekend the Ghostriders had the best overall penalty kill at 94.12 % but are eleventh overall in power play % at 15.52. with 18 goals in 116 chances. The numbers are from the KIJHL web site and may not be perfect as volunteers fill out the game sheets.

As of Monday AM North Oakanagan had the most PIM at 511, Spokane who plays here Saturday was next at 491. Fernie had 299. In 1995 we had over 3000, just sayin...

Fernie now has a 15-3-0-1 record and are 11-0 at home but are 4-3-0-1 on the road and  have several road games coming up starting in Golden this Friday. There are 6 roadies in December including Osoyoos and 2 with Kimbo.

The worst luck....Cole Keebler had about five grade A scoring chances against Princeton and ended up with nothing.

Round the league
In their 10-2 romp over Golden Troy Maclise and Aaron Azevedo each scored 3 goals and had 3 assists. Azevedo had a goal and 4 assists the night before and is # 4 and climbing on the top scorers list.

Nelson let three players go last week for missing curfew on Halloween. I'm betting something probably happened when they were out late. You don't usually send guys home for just missing curfew. Anyway, here is what Leaf Coach Dave McLellan had to say in the Nelson newspaper.

“We have very strict team rules dealing with on and off-ice behavior,” McLellan told The Nelson Daily Wednesday.
“The rules are there for a reason, especially after what went on with this team in the past. The players breached curfew on Halloween night, and it cost the three of them.”
The players sent home include Nelson’s top netminder, Brett Soles along with defenceman Brendan Smith and 16-year-old rearguard Cody Paivarinta.
McLellan said he is actively trying to find trading partners for Soles, ranked fourth overall in KIJHL goalies, and Smith.
 “We’re actively trying to move and acquire assets back in quick time,” McLellan said.
“The players have been sent home until such time as they’re traded.”
Soles was in his second stint with the Leafs after returning to the Green and White from the Notre Dame Hounds of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.
In 12 games the Cranbrook native posted an impressive 9-1-1 record with a 2.43 goals against average.
As a 16-year-old, McLellan said Paivarinta falls under special BC Hockey exemption and cannot be traded.
The towering rookie defenceman was sent home to Abbotsford.

Since then, as you can see below, Nelson has traded Soles. Carter for the record had 3 points in his first 2 games with Nelson
07-Nov-14The Osoyoos Coyotes transfer the player rights of (97) forward Drew Carter and (97) goalie Brandon Locket plus futures to the Nelson Leafs for the player rights of (95) goalie Brett Soles.

 An amusing tweet right after the announcement of the Leaf suspensions 

@BruceFuhr @KIJHL there will be no complaints about ice time in Nelson #trickortreat

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