Monday, 3 November 2014

The Weekly Roundup -games- learn the rules-sleeping-100's of lbs

The Ghostriders won both of their home games last weekend, 7-2 against Golden and 4-3 in double overtime against the Osoyoos Coyotes.

When the Ghostriders won 7-2 against Golden seven different players scored the goals. Sincennes, Georgopoulos, Reid, Keebler, Burgess Plaquin and McCulloch scored.

The Osoyoos game was easily the best game I’ve seen this season. The teams were fairly even and the shots ended up 34-32 for the Coyotes. The Coyotes had territory through most of the overtime but were called for head contact in the double overtime (3 on 3) and that is an automatic penalty shot. Josh McCulloch didn't waste the shot and scored his 18th of the year in just 16 games for the win. Yan, Burgess and Neufeld also scored.

Ghostrider Notebook

The Riders got a 7-2 win against Golden and the game star was Justin Peers who had 4 A in his first game back since an injury took him out a month or so ago. Personally I would have picked Dustin Watt who fought the much larger Sean Ripley in the third after Ripley spent the entire night slashing, cross checking, charging and generally cheap shotting the Rider forwards. Apparently the coaches agreed and gave Watt the game puck.

Joel Burgess continues to score with a goal in each game and has had at least a point in his last 11 games.

Aaron Neufeld scored maybe the nicest goal in the third of the Coyote game. He deked the goalie with some nice fast hands tying the game at 3 in the third.

Jeff Orser played both games in net and was particularly good against Osoyoos. Actually all the Riders were on their games in that one. Coach Mohr said the team had a great week of practices knowing they owed Golden after losing 8-4 in Golden when seven players were out and they were going to have a showdown with the 1st place Coyotes.

Zak Kuchler got a puck in the eye in the first period on Friday and missed the rest of the weekend. But that was no reason to sleep in the stands during the game. (Photo by Sara Moulton) 

Kuchler, Cole Keebler and Spencer Bender (3 key pieces) did not play against Osoyoos but are expected back this weekend.

Josh McCulloch is in second place in overall actual goal scoring with 18 goals, Nitro Tyson Klingspohn has 1 more at 19 but has played 2 more games. The aforementioned Klingspohn will be here Friday.

Sam Plaquin may have been the best Ghostrider without a point in the Osoyoos game... he is also a sports writer (so that's why) and is responsible for this story here   (hope he don't want to make a career out of that, you'll starve working the little newspapers SP)

Kyle Haugo got his first point last weekend and the 16 yr old is looking more at home each game.

Derek Georgopoulos scored a snipers style of goal against Golden in the first period then after taking a huge hit in the second he got back into the play and made a nice pass to Joel Burgess who scored the Riders 6th goal. Georgopoulos had a 8 game point streak ended when he was shutout against Osoyoos.

Dave Kelly sat out Friday then got in a fight in the Osoyoos game after Tayler Sincennes was hit from behind and he also got the instigator penalty. We're good with that here.

Smallest crowd of the year on Halloween night, bet they don't schedule a Halloween game next yr.

Round theLeague

Learn the rules
Kelowna had 2 points taken away from them by the KIJHL bosses for using a suspended player. The points were from their best game of the year when they shut out Osoyoos 5-0. The KIJHL President Bill Ohlausen told me last week that they will not be issuing a press release on that ruling. But they should in my annoying opinion.

More learn the rules
Anyway... Kelowna should have known better and the rules are very clear, but on Saturday we had proof that they aren't the only teams who don't bother to read or for that matter memorize, the rules. When the Osoyoos game went into double overtime (3 on 3) and the Coyotes took a penalty their coaches sent out 3 players and the Rider coaches sent out 4, just like they would have done two years ago. And the referees were on board as well and ready to drop the puck until KIJHL Vice President Phil Iddon ran down to the score clock and let them in on the the penalty shot rule that came into effect last year.

For the record, if the VP had his way the old rule of put out a 4 on 3 until the penalty is over then at the first whistle change back to 3 on 3 would still be in effect. I totally agree with the old way.

When Creston beat Kimberley in OT  last week one of their players was tripped going to the net. He scored but injured the Nitro # 1 goalie Tyson Brouwer and the Kimbo fans were wild, but coach Bancks was quiet so I believe Creston when they said their player was tripped on the way to the net. Kimbo and Creston have really been going at it you can read more here

An interesting  tweet.. 

 The answer is 9. Fernie beats @RocketsGolden 7-2. Now its been 55 goals in 5 games. I´d pay to see that in the playoffs.

Nitro’s just got a little easier to play against and 100 Mile gained a few more pounds when Tyler Garcia was traded to 100 .  Cole Webber went there last week and both are over 200 pounds.

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