Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Q&A With a Fan in the Beer Section

A Q & A with a fan in the beer section

Fan- Hey the boys are really rifling em in tonight eh.
Me- Thinking, sounds like you've rifled in a few tonight as well. 
Me-Out loud, oh yeah they’re havin one of their better games for sure.

Fan- Hey what does a chimpanzee and a hockey game have in common ? 
Me- I don’t know.
Fan- The face offs… 
Me- What? 
Fan- A few years ago a lady had her face rip…
Me- Interrupting, yes I remember the story. But why are you telling me that now.

Fan- Well there’s nothing going on now, the players are at their benches and the refs are kinda lookin at their watches.
Me- It’s a 1 minute TV Timeout
Fan-TV ?
Me- Yes the games are broadcast on the internet.
Fan- Well I’ll be god dam…
Me- Interrupting again, lots of parents from both teams watch the games and we're trying to sell ads on the broadcasts and live at the rink as well.

Fan- But there is nothing going on now so why stop the game.
Me- Well someday were going to have ads to tell you about.
Fan- So why not wait till you do.
Me - Well we were gonna do that but now the refs stop the game.
Fan- Loudly-- The Refs ! Why those sons of…Then starts chanting drop the puck, drop the puck.
Me- interrupting again, It’s not the refs fault they were told to do that.

Fan- What ? The refs stop the play every minute or so anyway then endlessly debate the calls after every skirmish, so can't they do the ads then?
Me- Well there was a meeting last June and it was decided to do this but everyone seemed to have forgotten about it.
Fan- Forgot about what?
Me- The time out.
Fan -Oh so you had something to do with this eh.
Me- Well it was voted on by…hey you guys are suppose to drink that stuff…
Me running now…Did I ever tell you about the lady who was teachin her chimp to play hockey.

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