Friday, 6 February 2015

Ghostriders play in Kimberley Friday Feb 6

The Riders are in Kimberley Friday the 6th for their final regular season game vs the Nitro's. So far in Kimberley Fernie has a 2-1 record with 4-1 and 6-4 wins along with a 4-2 loss. This game is not a scheduled radio broadcast game. But if it was even Kimbo would let Kyle do the radio.

At home here in Fernie the Riders have 2 wins (2-1 & 2-1 ) 1 tie and a 5-3 loss. Pretty close bunch of games if you ask me. The Nitro's have some injuries back in the lineup including Jared Marchi who was hurt here in Fernie when he went into the boards awkwardly. He had  a goal (SH) and an assist in his first game back after missing 9 games. The other injury, and one  I haven't seen this year yet is 16 year old Jordan Roy  who has only played 17 games ( 7 G- 8 A ) and has a point a game average since coming back in January.

The Riders will be without Cole Keebler who hasn't played since Jan 15 but we don't have a timeline on him... he's fairly resilient and could surprise us with a return. The Riders are also without the KIJHL's top scorer Doan Smith (62 pts) who is out for what Coach Mohr says in 4- 6 weeks. Nitro Jason Richter has caught him in the KIJHL scoring race and will likely pass him shortly. I wouldn't count Azevedo out either, he has a game against North Oak to finish off the season to look forward to.

Jason Richter (KD)48362662
Doan Smith (FG)46352762
Aaron Azevedo (OC)37223961
Ian Chrystal (KS)46322456
Troy Maclise (OC)44243256
Carson Cartwright (CVT)45292655
Jack Mills (SS)48262955
Cody Hodges (CH)44253055
Braeden Cyra (KC)46144155
Ian Desrosier (GR)44302454

Kimberley is likely headed for a first round matchup with Creston and Fernie will get Golden.

Col Valley46103000626
And can you tell me what will happen here in the next few games ? Remember its a 52 
game sched.

100 Mile47222000549

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