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Off the Glass, Off the Wall Off Side &Alarming BV guys

Off the Glass 

Ghostriders got 4 of 6 points in their three game West Kootenay Swing last weekend, it was a pretty good trip for any team. 

The Riders played in Spokane last Thursday night and won 7-4. They had period leads of 4-1, 4-3 and finished up at 7-4. Dave Kelly scored what would turn out to be the game winner half way through the third. Justin Peers had 2 goals and singles went to Cavin Tilsley, Kyle Haugo, Doan Smith and Aaron Neufeld. Brandon Butler had the win in net.
The next night in Nelson the Riders scored three in the first and one in the third for a 4-1 win. Justin Peers, Doan Smith Derek Georgopoulos and Cavin Tilsley (PP) scored the goals and Jeff Orser was in net.

The third game in three nights proved to be a little too much for the Riders and they dropped a 7-2 decision to the Castlegar Rebels. Aaron Neufeld and Joel Burgess scored the goals.

Ghostrider Notes
Defensemen Evan Reid had 3 assists and Will Lightfoot had 2 assists in Spokane.Kyle Haugo (98) finished with a goal and an assist as well.1 Doan Smith had a goal in Spokane and a goal and 2 assists in Nelson.

Evan Reid with 3 A was the Rider Player of the Game in Spokane and Cavin Tilsley with a goal and an assist got it in Nelson, Aaron Neufeld with a shorthanded goal and an assist got the POG in Castlegar. 

The Ghostriders, and one of the main contenders for the KIJHL's  top scorer title, Doan Smith, was injured last weekend in Castlegar and will miss a minimum of four weeks and possibly the first round of the playoffs.We'll know more on his injury in the coming weeks. Sometimes these young guys heal fast but losing Smith and McCulloch earlier has really taken some scoring out of the lineup.

Some good news now... two familiar faces were back in the lineup on the weekend,  #5 Travis Thomsen who had missed several games with an injury was back on the blue-line and former Rider Coach Will Verner was back on the bench helping Craig Mohr coach the team as both assistant coaches Jeff Zmurchyk and James Ouimet couldn’t make the trip. Cole Keebler is still out of the lineup, no word on his status.

Off The Wall
In November Nelson Head Coach Dave McLellan didn't check the Hockey Canada registry to see if one of his players was approved and the Leafs lost two points ... a few weeks later the very same thing happened only this time it went unreported,and or unnoticed for several games and Nelson lost 8 points for using an ineligible player. Nelson will still make the playoffs but they have lost home ice advantage. Teams play 52 games.
Beaver Val.46301110465
Grand Fork.4583310320

We told that story last week mostly because there were several statements out there by several different people mentioning that the player involved might be feeling, bad, shame or at fault etc and no one from Nelson stepped up to the plate and said that it had nothing to do with the player, so I took it upon myself to do that and made it very clear just who was at fault and it was not the player, it was not Hockey Canada and it was not the KIJHL President or the Vice President. 
  Anyway I thought  it was over never to be mentioned again and Nelson even said in their newspaper that they had "moved on"  ...but when the Riders went to Nelson last Friday their President Larry Martel and his gang of henchmen decided " Diggin Up Bones " was a good idea and they verbally attacked Rider Coach Craig Mohr then they wouldn’t let Fernie's radio broadcaster Kyle Christensen use the hookups to broadcast the game until this writer took down the post on McLellan detailing his co$tly mistakes (10 pts and home ice in the first round). 

Off Side... as usual
I have been asked several times to repost that story by more than a few people from the hockey world.  But we're not really interested in digging up more bones....We'll Leaf that for someone else...Anyway... we're also not gonna rag on the President and his crew as they are volunteers in a tough job and they are also by far the most lenient hockey executive in the league. 

Now Matrtel was also mad because I used the Learning Channel line on one of his players when he was here in Fernie in January. He had missed several games with an injury and finally got back into the lineup then mouthed off the referee and got a 3 game suspension. So despite the fact that the player was in the stands for the rest of the game and admitted to the people around him that what he did was dumb, I shouldn't have used the line on him, Nelson thought it was a derogatory comment but it wasn't personal, we try to get as many names out there as possible in a readable fashion.So again I was wrong, I apologize to the player... and also to my readers, because if I knew then what I know now... there was a much more deserving candidate for that line, and he's the only one who is getting paid in this whole mess...

Nelson may end up playing BV in the playoffs, BV's play by play guys have an alarmingly similar sense of humour as what is going on around here... wonder if they'll see this, I should email it to em.

Around the League
Players with big games and shutouts. 

Kelowna 0 @ Revelstoke 5
Flust and Leech 1 G 2 A ea. Roberts 1 G 1 A Mike Lenko the shutout.

Kimberley 5 @ Columbia Valley 2
Braden Saretsky 2 G 2 A Wallace 2 G 1 A both guys had a SH goal. Nelson the W in net.  CVR 0-10 on the PP Kim 0-4 Shots 35-26 Kim. Att 200

Summerland 5 @ North Oak 0
Brett Huber the shutout on 20 shots. Mills Fisher 2 G  1 A ea. 48-19 shots for SS

Chase 0 @ Kamloops 5
Jake Mullen the shutout Mitch Friesen 4 G in a row Kashuba 3 A Gordon 1 G Shots 30-21 Storm

Osoyoos 3@ Kelowna 1
Aaron Azevedo 2 G 1A Repole 1 G Langan the W in net. Kelowna 13 skaters Cyra 1 G 2

Grand Forks 2 @ Nelson 7
Dylan Williamson 1 G 3 A Robson Cramer 1 G 2 A Lindsay 1G 1A Karrer the W in net. Shots 42-17 Nelson

North Oak 0 @ Osoyoos 5
  Lawrence Langan the shutout. Colin Bell 2 G 1 A Azevedo 1 G Roseboom 2 A Shaver Holowaty 1 G ea

Creston 4 @ Golden 2
Carson Cartwright 3 G Austin Stegar 3 A Martell the W in net Golden Alkins 1 G 1 A

Kimberley 11 @ Columbia Valley 1
Keenan Hasse 3 G 1 A Jason Richter 2 G 2 A Lincon Lane 1 G 3 A Jowsey 2 G Nelson the W in net. Lots PIM Kim 0-21 CVR 0-12 on the PP

Kelowna 6 @ North Oak 0
Chris Turner the shutout stopping 16. Kittle- Baird- Cyra 1 G 1 A ea. Shots 51-16

Fernie 7 @ Spokane 4
Peers 2 G Haugo 98 1 G 1 A Evan Reid 3 A Smith 1 G Butler the W in net. Shots 37-31 Spokane. Collins 1 G 1 a

Nelson's Aaron Dunlap to the BCIHL read more here

A fast fact. The have the fewest team pims at 419 while the lead the league with 1031.

  1. aerial pic Windermere Lake BC where CVRockies hosted Pond Hockey Tourney

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