Monday, 19 September 2016

Coaching Fun

The KIJHL is posting their suspensions on their “Transactions” page this year. With accumulating suspensions this is important. Now when a player gets suspended for something you can look back and see how many times they were perviously suspended and for what. You couldn’t do that before as when the suspension was over the notice was removed. A great move if you ask me.

The KIJHL doesn't post Coach suspensions and it’s up to the “media” to notice them ? With that in mind we see that Kimberley’s Derek Stuart got two games for using an ineligible player. If his team had of won the game they would have lost the two points. 
That happened to a few teams including Kimberley last season and one of them,Nelson, didn’t learn and it and it happened to them twice costing them several games and home ice in the P/O’s. In just about every instance last year the hysterical coaches and teams pointed their fingers somewhere else…somehow, when all they had to do was check the Hockey Canada carding site, it wasn’t their fault. This year Nitro HC Stuart admitted his mistake and took ownership of it. With that classy admission he gained some points from this writer…but he’s still from Kimbo.

Castlegar’s Bill Rotheisier was suspended for 45 days for “Tampering” meaning he was contacting a player from another team to try and get him for his team. 

Tampering is rampant in junior hockey but rarely do you see someone get caught. The player (kid, we forget that that’s what they are) involved must have been uncomfortable with the contact so reported it, and credit to the KIJHL, they acted on it and upheld the suspension. If they didn’t, how would the player feel, and would the next player come forward ? I doubt it.

If you have watched carefully over the years you will notice that whenever a Coach goes from one team to another a few of “his” guys follow. A coach may contact his former players however he has to have permission from the new coach. But everyone knows, but can’t prove, that sometimes contact is made before they get permission. 

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