Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Riders are on the Road this Weekend

The Ghostriders travel to Creston Friday night then play in Kimberley Saturday night.

Friday night in Creston the Riders will face a real test against the Cats who went 2-0 in their first two games. Creston played their first two games on the road shutting out the Rockies 1-0 and Golden 4-0. Brock Lefebvre had the two shutouts in net.

Friday night the Riders will be the visiting team for Creston’s home opener. Coincidentally the Riders will play in Creston again on the 23rd then Creston will be here in Fernie for the Riders home opener on the 24th

On Saturday the boys play in Kimberley after winning their first game of the year 2-1 last Friday in Kimbo. The Nitro’s defeated Castlegar (who will play in Fernie October 1st) 4-3 last Saturday. Kimberley plays their first game in Fernie November 26th … scratch that date on the living room wall.

The Riders only scored 3 goals in the first two games, Mack Differenz,  Justin Peers and Aidan Wilson scored the goals….

The Riders always hate playing  in Creston before the time change while Creston loves playing here before the change as they get home an hour earlier. Creston if you didn’t already know, doesn’t change time and are an hour different now. ...
The Riders play 4 home games in October and 5 in November….. 
After battling a broken foot that lingered on for the whole year Brandon Butler is back playing and practicing and had his first win of the year in Kimberley. …
With all the injuries last season GM Craig Mohr has stocked up on defensemen and now has eight so has to sit guys every week…. 
With all the PIM’s in Kimberley last weekend he was down to 4 D for part of the game…. 
This weekend’s games are on the radio, on the Drive 99.1 with Josh Hoffman at the mike… The internet feed wasn’t working properly last week but I hear they have remedied that. 

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