Monday, 26 September 2016

Kathy Merkel is the new VP of the EM

Rider fans should already know this, but if they don’t, former President Phil Iddon, who left the team three years ago to become one of the Vice President’s of the KIJHL, has left the KI and is now BC Hockey’s Junior Coordinator. I think that means that him and someone else will be ordering the junior teams around from now on...

The  VP's have a fair bit of work on their plates so the KI filled the opening quickly and last week they announced that Kimberley’s Kathy Merkel will take over for the departing Iddon as the Eddie Mountain Vice President. 

Well you can almost hear the Nitro fans laughing as they fire stuff at the Rider players thinking that after three season’s with a Fernie VP  they now have one of their own in the ivory tower and won’t even need as much as a flu shot this year.

But.. Iddon, much to the dismay of Rider fans, was fair, and Merkel, who I have had a few conversations with over the last several years will be as well. I’d bet anything on that. 

So the Nitro’s, like the Riders, have lost a valuable piece of their volunteer network, it remains to be seen if they can find someone to fill her spot as volunteers have become increasingly harder to find with each passing year. 

Merkel, for the record, has done everything from Governor to dishwasher for the Dynamiters and has been with the team for about 25 years… I was probably only 10 or so when she started out…

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